How to choose the best indoor plants for you

Everyone should live with a little more green

Finding the best indoor plants for your space, experience, and life doesn’t have to be overwhelming! At Bloomscape, we want everyone to have more plants in their life and that starts by helping you choose the right plant. Check out these tips and recommendations we’ve put together to help you live your best plant life.

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Steps for choosing the best indoor plants

  1. What level of plant care can you commit to?
  2. What kind of light do you have?
  3. What room will your plants live in?
  4. What’s most important to you?

What level of plant care can you commit to?

Before choosing a houseplant, think about your level of experience and the amount of time you can actually dedicate to your houseplant. Is your life hectic? Are you running back and forth between play dates, soccer games, and birthday parties? Do you work long hours or travel frequently? Easy houseplants might be best for you. Or, do you have the time and desire to devote yourself to caring for plants that require a little more attention? Perhaps you’re somewhere in between. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t have a plant-filled life!

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Best plants for beginners

Check out the best indoor plants for beginners and you’ll see that there’s a plant out there for everyone—green thumb or not.

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Grow your plant fam

Are you ready to add to your plant collection? Check out these plants that are still low-maintenance, but do need a little more love attention.

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Step up your plant game

Are you ready to step up your plant game? Check out these plants that thrive, but need some specific care and attention to do so.

best indoor plants, Bloomscape

What kind of light do you have?

It doesn’t need to be said, but we’re going to say it—plants need light. But, some plants need more light than others and some plants hardly need any natural light at all.

A good rule of thumb is that most houseplants will do best in spots with eastern or western facing windows. This provides plants with enough indirect sunlight for a good amount of the day and ambient light for the rest of the time. Southern light is strongest and best for light-loving plants.

There are even plants that will adapt to and thrive in dark spots where only ambient or fluorescent light is available.

What room will your plant live in?

Taking the different environments and available space into consideration when selecting houseplants is very important. Different plants will do better in different rooms. Plus, you’ll want to think about aesthetics, growth habits (trailing, bushy, upright), and size when choosing the best plants for each room.

best plants for living room, Bloomscape

Best plants for your living room

The living room is where you and your family spend the most time, making it the perfect space to transform into an indoor jungle. We’ve selected the best plants for your living room–follow our tips for adding them to your space!

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Best plants for your office

Even if your office has little or no natural light, there are plants that will adapt to and thrive in those less than ideal conditions. Follow these tips + tricks to transform your space with our best plants for your office!

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Best plants for your bedroom

Transforming your bedroom into the peaceful, lush, and beautiful sanctuary of your dreams is as easy as adding some well-chosen plants to your decor. We’ve chosen the best plants for your bedroom, along with tips on transforming your space into a green oasis!

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Best plants for your bathroom

The best plants for the bathroom are plants that like higher humidity and can tolerate lower lighting conditions. Follow our tips and tricks (complete with plant recommendations) to liven up your space and transform your bathroom into a green oasis!

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Best plants for your kitchen

Don’t overlook your kitchen when deciding where to place your new plant. because kitchens are usually more humid than other areas of your home, your plant will thrive in the extra moisture. Not only will your plant love the humid environment, you’ll love the gezellig feeling lush green plants add to a traditionally not-so-green-space.

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Best plants for your apartment

Just because you live in a tiny apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and benefit from having houseplants. There are plenty of ways to incorporate indoor plants into small spaces without sacrificing space. By making the most of your walls and shelves, and with a little creativity, you can add a lot more plant life to your small space with our best plants for apartments.

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