Green Living

Build your own living tablescape this holiday

Long gone are the days of the over-the-top holiday scene sprawled out across the table as guests try to dodge decorations as they pass the potatoes. This year, we’re creating a living tablescape, and you should too.

Cultivate > Decorate

Adorn your holiday spread with live greenery. Replace your tired table runner with springs of eucalyptus and boughs of evergreen. Not only is this greenery more sustainable, the trimmings will fill your space with the scent of actual holiday cheer. 

Add even more green

Group potted plants together to create a centerpiece. Bonus points if you scatter many small plants around the table that your guests can take as party favors. We recommend keeping your plants on the smaller side so you don’t create a barrier between guests and the flow of passing plates and food around the table. Our extra-small Charm and Cheer and Winter Green collections are the perfect size–they’ll add a touch of green and aren’t too big for your guests to sneak in their bag on the way out.

Don’t be afraid to add color

Choose plants with colorful leaves (like the Fittonia Red) and scatter springs of Holly or string together cranberries to add a touch of festive red. Colorful candles will set the mood, too.

Sit back, relax, and admire your work

A beautiful tablescape sets the scene for a lovely and lively “natafelen.” Natafelen is quite possibly our favorite Dutch expression. A similar English phrase doesn’t exist, but literally translated, natafelen means “after table-ing.” You know that moment–where you’ve just finished the meal and everyone is sitting around the table in full food-coma, still chatting, sipping wine, and enjoying each others’ company and conversation? That’s natafelen. As we’ve said before, if a single phrase could sum-up the essence of gezelligheid, it’s natafelen.

Will you be creating a living tablescape this year? How about practicing natafelen?