Location: Detroit
Position: Full-time

About Us

Bloomscape is a direct-to-consumer plant brand with a mission to become the simplest source in the world for buying and enjoying quality plants. Plants nourish our living spaces in a way that’s deeply vital and increasingly necessary in our modern lifestyles. Our big vision is to make Bloomscape the most recognized brand in plants by completely changing the way people buy and experience plants in every area of the home and garden.

Supply Chain Vision

With a DTC model, we have the potential to radically change the way that plants are grown, distributed, and experienced. This means we are pushing current boundaries and doing things differently—huge plants, alternative growing media, new shipping methods, customized experiences, new value propositions, manufacturing transparency—just to name a few. The vertical commerce business model gives us the ability to rebuild the entire system, from the ground up.

Job Description

Bloomscape is in need of a passionate, talented, and experienced Director of Supply Chain Operations (DSCO) to lead the strategy and execution of all supply and fulfillment. Fundamentally, this role is about creating systems and working with vendor/distribution partners to ensure that plants arrive safely and efficiently.

This role will direct Bloomscape’s overall supply chain operations, including purchasing and inventory of raw materials, selection and management of vendors, and order fulfillment of finished goods. The role will utilize sales projections to forecast needs and production scheduling. The DSCO will also develop strategic plans to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency of operations—supporting and elevating quality standards always while driving down unit and operational costs.

As Bloomscape grows, the Director of Supply Chain Operations will develop a network of vendors and regional greenhouse fulfillment centers. The DSCO will oversee these relationships, develop programs to monitor quality and incentivize performance, and lead the development of systems and centralized resources that improve the effectiveness of the Bloomscape distribution network.

The Director of Supply Chain Operations will:
– Oversee order fulfillment, provide order updates, manage inventory count
– Establish and ensure delivery quality standards
– Work with CEO & Supply Chain Advisors to select vendor partners
– Develop systems/practices and manage team to fulfill orders
– Participate in supply chain systemization & e-commerce information flow
– Ensure inventory availability based on sales projections
– Monitor COGS, providing regular updates
– Manage COGS, negotiating costs & rates with vendors, improving processes
– Build relationships with key vendors, including:
           – Growers, buyer representatives, and brokers
           – Packaging, hardgoods, and soil vendors
– Manage relationships with couriers (Fedex, UPS)
– Explore alternatives and improvements to courier distribution model
– Work with Plant Program Manager, Product Design Lead, and Marketing Director on supply timeline for new product roll-outs
– Work with Plant Program Manager to ensure varieties are supply stable/feasible
– Craft and update supply chain strategy & goals document
– Recruit and build a supply chain operations team (down the line)
– Analyze different supply chain solutions, with analyst

The Director of Supply Chain Operations must embrace this customer driven culture of innovation at Bloomscape by working with product development and customer experience teams to reach feasibility, improve innovations, deliver on new products and services, and set high standards. In this way, the DSCO holds a unique role, both welcoming innovation and exploration while driving toward efficiencies and systemization. Furthermore, this role must look at the supply chain itself as opportunity for innovation in improving the customer experience.

The Director of Supply Chain Operations must demonstrate a deep expertise in leading edge supply chain distribution practices and emerging technologies, while working with Bloomscape team members and advisors to understand the specific challenges, opportunities, and nuances of the horticulture industry.


– Experience building and managing supply chain systems
– Experience building and negotiating vendor relationships
– Experience managing and analyzing COGS
– Experience with logistics
– Knowledge of shipping opportunities and challenges
– Experience building and/or managing a team
– Understanding of ERP usage, processes, and master data handling
– Understanding of modern business process and production practices
– Ability to convert business goals into profitability improvements
– Experience in DTC/e-commerce fulfillment operations a plus

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