for the love of terracotta


For the Love of Terracotta

Bloomscape has chosen to use terracotta pots for all our plants to keep them healthy and happy, both in our greenhouse, during shipping, and in your home. We get a lot of questions about why we chose this classic pot over other colors and designs. In the future, we will have our own collection of pots to provide our customers with more options in color and shape, but until then, we wanted to share some of the reasons we chose terracotta for our pots.


1. Classic and versatile

Our terracotta pots are made of natural clay that has been kiln-fired and left unglazed. This creates a warm neutral color that really helps the green foliage of houseplants to pop. From Joanna Gaines to Hilton Carter, we see terracotta pots everywhere!

for the love of terracotta

2. Keeps roots and soil healthy

The natural clay is permeable, allowing air and moisture to pass through the pot to the roots and soil. This allows the roots to “breathe” and keeps the roots from getting waterlogged. It also helps prevent root-rot and disease if you accidentally overwater your plant.

3. Promotes growth

Since air movement stimulates root growth, plants in clay pots are healthier and happier. That’s why we grow our plants in terracotta pots from the very start at our greenhouse and never keep plants in plastic grower pots.

terracotta pots at bloomscape greenhouse

4. Heavy and sturdy

If you like to move your large plants around, be aware that clay pots can be heavier than other pots. The upside of a heavier pot is that your four-footed friends (or toddler) are less able to accidentally knock over your plant friends!

5. Insulates the roots and soil

Not only does the heavier terracotta pot provide added stability, but it also acts as added protection. The thick clay pot acts as insulation for the roots to protect against temperature changes, which allows us to ship our plants all over the country, all year.

terracotta pots at bloomscape greenhouse

Even if you’re still not on #teamterracotta and you decide to put your plants in a different pot, it’s important to keep in mind that you never want your plant friends sitting in water or soggy soil. Plant Mom sees more plants suffering from overwatering than anything else. So make sure the pot you choose has proper drainage holes and always remember to empty the saucer after each watering.