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Creative Indoor Activities to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Bloomscape | Creative Indoor Activities to do with Your Kids this Spring

Parenting in the current state of the world presents its obvious challenges. Between work-from-home responsibilities, virtual learning, and finding enough safe, entertaining activities to keep your kids busy, quarantine parenting requires even more stamina, creativity, and patience than normal. Although kids may not grasp the magnitude of COVD-19 and its far-reaching effects, they are experiencing the same anxiety, boredom, and disruption of day-to-day activities as adults.

If you exhausted all of your go-to games and movies, it’s time to get creative. We rounded up some of our favorite quarantine-friendly activities designed to bring the family together this season. Whether your kids are back to in-person learning, currently homeschooling, or are simply excited about spring, the projects below are fun and different, but still relatively low-lift. Keep reading to find indoor activities that are educational, safe, and enjoyable for the entire family. 

Teach your kids about the joys of gardening 

Spending time outside and getting your hands dirty is the best quarantine antidote. Our new Outdoor Bloom Kits allow you to do just that while teaching your kids about the joys of plant care. Each kit comes with young annuals and foliage, an easy-to-follow planting guide, detailed plant care instructions, and your first application of fertilizer. Your kids will learn something new, and you’ll get beautiful new blooms for your porch, patio, or outdoor garden.

From April 15–April 25, we’re donating 15% of all Bloom Kit and Bundle sales to The Greening of Detroit, a non-profit organization focused on enhancing the quality of life for Detroiters by planting trees,  providing job training, and involving our youth in the education of the natural environment. We’re donating $5,000 to help make Detroit a greener, healthier city by planting trees and growing the city’s canopy.  Learn more about the partnership here

Host a baking workshop.

Gather your kids around the kitchen island for a special baking lesson! Make one of mom and dad’s favorites, like a pie or scones, or amp up the creativity factor with cut-out sugar cookies and fun decorations. Make homemade frosting with powdered sugar, milk or water, vanilla extract, and the food coloring of your choice, and break out the sprinkles, edible glitter, and chocolate chips. To skip the baking prep altogether, sites like Etsy are brimming with kid-friendly baking and cookie decorating kits — even quarantine-themed! To escalate the fanfare even more, coordinate with friends and family in advance to decide on a recipe, and set up a weekend baking Zoom with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. 

Have an all-out craft day. 

Bloomscape | Creative Indoor Activities to do with Your Kids this Spring

Nothing keeps kids occupied like an all-out craft day. Break out the fingerpaints, markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, feathers, sparkles, and construction paper and let your little ones create an artistic masterpiece. You can also keep things simple and stick with computer paper for homemade cards. Encourage your kids to write heartfelt messages to the friends and family members they miss, and mail out each pick-me-up. If the weather allows, take things outside to avoid a mess — set up your arts and crafts table on the deck, or lay a blanket in the yard. 

Have a backyard picnic. 

Bloomscape | Creative Indoor Activities to do with Your Kids this Spring

Instead of your standard lunch around the kitchen table, switch things up and host a backyard picnic on a nice Sunday afternoon. Prepare an all-out spread complete with sandwiches and snacks, and have your kids help with something easy, like laying out the blankets or packing the picnic basket. Top things off with fresh flowers from the garden, upbeat music, and wine for the adults.  Keep the festivities going all afternoon with family games, like cornhole, spikeball, and ring toss

Get creative with plaster. 

Bloomscape | Creative Indoor Activities to do with Your Kids this Spring

Make memories and spruce up the garden with homemade stepping stones from the kids. Order a few plaster molding kits for a sentimental craft, or stick with mosaic tiling for a more artistic activity, and spend the afternoon crafting as a family. Your kids will love mixing the plaster, decorating the finished product, and admiring their artwork in the family garden for years to come.