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Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Houseplant For Everyone On Your List

Woman gifting another woman a Bloomscape Pink Aglaonema Collection

It can be hard to think of the perfect holiday gift for each person in our lives. We want to give gifts that are meaningful and that the recipient can enjoy for years to come. Plants are a beautiful, living gift with so many awesome benefits. 

With plant delivery services like Bloomscape, not only can you give a unique, personalized indoor plant gift to everyone on your list, but you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.

Why Houseplants Make Great Gifts

Beautiful Decor: We may be biased, but right out of the gate we need to firmly state that houseplants are just plain beautiful. Whether your friend or family member’s aesthetic is minimalist or maximalist, houseplants are a great gift for any space.

Health benefits: Beyond their beauty, houseplants make excellent gifts because of their known health benefits. These benefits range from improving moods and minimizing stress, to improving air quality.

Sustainable: Unlike gadgets, jewelry, clothes, and so many other common gifts, houseplants have a very small ecological footprint. Even if the recipient ends up killing the plant (and let’s hope they don’t), the plant will simply decompose rather than clogging up our landfills.

Unique Ideas: From the tropical bromeliad pineapple to the zany ponytail palm, there are so many unique and interesting houseplants you can gift your friends and family. Of course, there’s always the classic money tree, but why not surprise your special someone with our totally unique and otherworldly String of Succulents Collection?

Luck & Symbolism: All plants symbolize something. Gifting someone a houseplant based on its meaning is very thoughtful. Here are a couple of examples of houseplants with symbolic meaning attached:

  • The money tree is a popular gift in East Asian cultures, promoting abundance. The money tree’s symbolism is based on a legend of a man who was down on his luck and found the tree. He then made a successful business selling the trees and making his fortune.
  • The peace lily is a beautiful gift for someone in our lives who deserves some tranquility and peace. The white flower reminds us of the white flag, symbolizing a truce and making peace.
  • A lucky bamboo plant can symbolize many things such as love, happiness, wealth, luck, fortune, blessings, and more! Many believe that this plant helps a person attract positive energy. The lucky bamboo plant can be a great gift for almost any occasion.
Woman holding Bloomscape Mini Money Tree while sitting on couch

The Perfect Houseplant Plant To Gift Each Person On Your List

Now that you know all the awesome benefits that come from gifting a houseplant, it’s time to choose a plant for each person on your list. While we don’t believe you could ever go wrong or make the wrong plant choice, we do have some indoor plant gift ideas for different personality types.

For the green thumb

You might have someone on your list this year that adores plants and has quite the green thumb. They might enjoy a plant that requires a bit more care and attention than others. The bird of paradise plant requires a bit more attention because it loves lots of water and can dry out easily. However, the plant’s leaves will droop, creating an easy to notice reminder for plant owners that they need to give it some water. Once watered they instantly perk back up. The instant gratification is super satisfying!

For the beginner

Buy Bloomscape Potted Monstera

You might be shopping for someone who loves plants but lives a hectic life, or is a houseplant novice. This is no problem because Bloomscape has a wide variety of easy houseplants that anyone can grow! A great indoor plant gift idea for the beginner is the Monstera plant. It is visually appealing but also low maintenance. It is adaptable to all light conditions and can handle ‘drought’ conditions like a champ.

For the forgetful

Aloe is one of the best gifts for those people on our list who tend to be forgetful and might only water a plant every once in a while. The Aloe plant is a succulent that requires very little water and just needs a nice bright spot to live. Aloe plants can even be outside during the summer months if they prefer. Overwatering is far more likely to damage the Aloe than underwatering.

For the bright & colorful

We all have that loved one who enjoys everything bright, fun, and colorful. For this person, you might opt for something more unique such as the Bromeliad. Bromeliads are tropical houseplants that have a gorgeous flower (or fruit) in the middle that can bloom in all sorts of colors. The Bromeliad Pineapple grows an adorable miniature ornamental fruit!

For the pet owner

When searching for the perfect indoor plant gift, it’s important to keep in mind that some houseplants can be toxic to animals. Some are mildly toxic, while others can be dangerous. If you’re purchasing an indoor plant gift for a dog or cat lover then go for something non-toxic like the Calathea plant. This plant looks great on the counter or on a shelf and is totally safe if a curious animal takes a bite.

Christmas and the holiday season are the perfect time to take advantage of a plant delivery service like Bloomscape. Take the stress out of gift-giving, avoid packed malls, and receive all of your gifts directly to your door. Check out our holiday shop to find the perfect plants for those you love as well as awesome care tools and decor.