Our Favorite Houseplants for Moms

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Our Favorite Houseplants for Moms

The month of May brings wonderful things to our lives. The long-awaited arrival of Spring, flowers and plants coming back to life, and a day to celebrate the women in our lives who have helped shape our futures. 

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we thought it’d be a good idea to put together a list of our favorite indoor foliage plants for moms. For recommendations, we spoke to Joyce Mast, our own in-house Plant Mom and actual mom of Bloomscape’s CEO and Founder. Being a mom and grandmother herself, plus a plant expert, who better to give some insights and tips for choosing the right houseplant for mom this Mother’s Day?

Joyce loves giving plants as gifts and thinks they’re the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. “Cut flowers are beautiful, but they do not last as long as a gorgeous plant.  With an indoor plant, your mom gets to enjoy your gift for years to come,” she says. Plus, houseplants bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, purify the air, and “just make you feel good!”

Now it doesn’t need to be said, but moms are probably the busiest people we know, and you want to give your mom something that isn’t going to be just another task for her to juggle. Luckily, Plant Mom assures us that “there are plenty of low-maintenance plants that are easy and beautiful for Mom to enjoy.”

She recommends the ZZ Plant (her favorite!), Ponytail Palm, Sansevieria, and Silver Satin Pothos. These varieties are all extremely forgiving, adaptable, and easy to care for.

Joyce adds, “The most important thing to remember is to not overwater your plant—less is more. And, make sure your pots have a way to get rid of excess water.” Bloomscape plants come potted with drainage holes and a saucer, so we take care of the second part for you.

Plus, if your mom has any plant care questions or concerns, all she has to do is email Joyce at [email protected]. “Sharing my passion for plants with others is one of the reasons I’m part of Bloomscape,” she says, “and you can be sure I’m sending my mom a plant for Mother’s Day! At 96 she certainly deserves a carefree plant.”