Outdoor Porch + Patio
Coming This Spring

We’re growing something new.

Introducing Bloom Kits, expertly selected annuals and foliage to brighten your porch, patio, or balcony.

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Why Outdoor

From the greenhouse that brought you living room ready indoor plants, we’re bringing spring to your front (and back) door with our new Outdoor Porch + Patio Collection.

With container gardening kits offered in 3 sizes, everyone can enjoy vibrant annual blooms and foliage throughout the season.

Suited for full sun, shade, and partial sun areas, our Bloom Kits are ready to grow in any outdoor space.

Decades of experience have given us the Grow-How™, so we can offer all the right tools, supplies, and accessories you’ll need to grow healthy container gardens all season long.

About Bloom Kits

With unique, beautiful color options and a wide selection of pots and hanging containers, you can mix and match Bloom Kits to fill your outdoor space with plants.

Each Bloom Kit includes the ingredients you need to grow vibrant hanging baskets, window boxes, and standing pots like a pro:

  • Plant Mom-approved young plants, including annuals and foliage
  • Detailed plant care instructions
  • An easy-to-follow, how-to guide for planting your blooms
  • Your first application of outdoor fertilizer

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