Bloomscape Plant Care Support

Being a plant parent is hard, we’re here to make it easy!

Receive plant care emails once a month for your specific plants — including Plant Mom advice, seasonal care tips, and signs to look out for

Plant Mom Advice: Bloomscape

Plant Mom’s Expertise

What do I do with fertilizer? When should I repot? How much water does my Monstera need in the winter? All valid questions you might ask yourself as you get to know your plant friends. Luckily, Plant Mom knows a thing (or a million) about plants, and we’ll be transferring as much of her knowledge to your inbox as we possibly can.

Seasonal Care Tips: Bloomscape

Seasonal Care Tips

Just like us, our plants’ needs vary as the seasons change throughout the year. In the summer, your plant might soak up the sun and grow like wild. And in the winter, it may hardly need watering. We’ll send you timely information to keep your specific plants happy and healthy in every season.

New Growth: Bloomscape

Plant Parenting Milestones

Spotting new leaves might just be our favorite part of plant parenting. Bloomscape plants are living things, which means endless opportunities to watch them grow. So how do you know if your plant is healthy? We’ll clue you in on all the signs to look out for throughout your plant life — from new blooms to rotten roots and everything in between.