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Plant Parent Starter Pack: 5 Tools Your Houseplants Need to Thrive

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You may think you become a plant parent when you hang your new Philodendron or find the perfect corner for a temperamental Fiddle Leaf Fig. But as any seasoned owner can attest, aesthetics are just the beginning.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been around plants,” says Joyce Mast, Bloomscape’s resident plant mom and our founder Justin’s actual mom. “Learning how to properly care for each species is imperative. This attention to detail can help your plants thrive in your home or apartment.”

Fortunately, indoor plant care is fun, relatively easy, and incredibly rewarding. “Plants not only bring beauty into your home, they also purify the air, increase oxygen levels, and boost your mood,” she adds. Scientists out of Awaji, Japan even found that merely looking at a plant can reduce stress and improve mental health. In addition to adhering to each plants’ specific care instructions, “it’s important to have the right tools,” says Mast. “Your care efforts will be more effective.”

That’s where our new plant shop comes in. Stocked with top-of-the-line gardening essentials, the plant care shop is our latest step towards making indoor plant care as easy and accessible as possible. Designed for novices and experienced gardeners alike, the first five products function as a plant parent starter pack.

Below, learn more about our brand-new hand trowel, soil scoop, soil knife, houseplant pruner, and pruning scissors, and always remember to clean your tools after each use to avoid the spread of disease or pathogens.

The Hand Trowel

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A gardening staple, a trowel is a nimble hand tool used for digging, applying, smoothing, and moving small amounts of soil to an indoor pot, explains Mast. “Our classic trowel features a wide, deep dish to carry the maximum amount of dirt with every scoop,” she explains. “The polished stainless-steel finish is highly resistant to rust, keeping it beautiful for years to come.”

Pro tip: The trowel is a perfect tool when potting your plants, adding soil amendments, or transplanting your seedlings.

The Soil Scoop

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The soil scoop is basically the hand trowel’s cavernous cousin. “A great tool for repotting, this essential allows you to pick up generous amounts of soil at once,” she explains. “The high back and sides keep the soil in place as you remove it from the bag.”

Pro tip: A soil scoop is your best friend when repotting larger plants. Just remember to clean your soil scoop with soap and water or an alcohol wipe after each use.

The Soil Knife

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A soil knife is your greatest ally when it comes to repotting greenery of all sizes. With a serrated edge and strong blade, this tool helps you loosen roots before performing transplants. To prep your plant, Mast recommends “watering it thoroughly a day or two before to ensure proper hydration, which reduces the risk of shock,” she explains. To repot, simply “slide your soil knife gently around the inside perimeter of the pot to loosen the roots.”

Pro tip: Plants should be re-potted at least once a year. If your plant is threatening to tip over or wilts after a deep watering, it’s time for a new home. This tool also comes in handy when removing a new plant from its nursery pot or cutting away larger roots that have seen better days.

The Houseplant Pruner

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“A well-made set of pruners is worth its weight in gold to the indoor gardener,” says Mast. Outfitted with stainless steel, rust-resistant blades and a comfort grip handle, our pruner delivers a sharp, clean cut to stems, leaves, and branches. Remember: the cleaner the cut, the faster your plant can heal. “Always make sure to clean your pruners to prevent unnecessary damage to your plants,” she adds.

Pro tip: Use them to prune and cut thicker stems, leaves, and unwanted branches on virtually any houseplant. Doing so will encourage fuller growth and happy, healthy greenery.

The Pruning Scissors

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Meet the most precise pruning tool in your plant care arsenal. With its long handle and sharp blades, pruning scissors deliver the cleanest cut possible. “Pruning scissors are designed for those hard-to-reach places,” explains Mast. “They’re great for detail work or deadheading flowers or houseplants.”

Pro tip: In addition to indoor detailing, these versatile shears are also suited for outdoor gardening. Use them to harvest herbs or polish hard-to-reach areas of your lawn or garden.