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The Myth of the Green Thumb

The Myth of the Green Thumb

As Bloomscape’s official Plant Mom, I hear from people all the time who are concerned that they don’t have a “green thumb” and therefore, can’t have houseplants. They either bought or received a plant and it died quickly and that experience left them feeling like they are “bad with plants.”

We get it. A houseplant is a living, “breathing” thing that requires some attention and care in order to thrive. But normally, when you buy your plant on your own, there’s no one to ask for advice on how to take care of it; little information about its specific requirements for water, light, and nutrition; and zero support to help with future problems or questions.

At Bloomscape, we do things differently to help everyone find their green thumb. I truly believe that with the right start and a little help along the way, anyone can have success with and get enjoyment from houseplants.
I also believe that most people are set up to fail with plants—especially indoor plants.

So, why do indoor plants die?

Most houseplants spend weeks traveling from a greenhouse to the store where you buy them. During that time, your plant was exposed to extreme temperature conditions, did not receive proper water, and got very little light. So by the time you get it home, it’s been under-watered, starved for light, and jostled around for weeks. The sad truth is that most houseplants you buy are basically DOA.

On top of this, the number one reason that plants fail to thrive is due to water issues. This is usually because most pots for sale have improper drainage and the roots basically drown. Plus, many plants do not come with clear care instructions, people tend to over-water their plants. So over-watering combined with improper drainage eventually means a dead plant and a disappointed plant owner.

It’s not you, I promise!

So let’s put it all together. Most houseplants you’ve owned were not cared for properly from the start. They were kept in less-than-ideal conditions at the warehouse and then at the box store and in pots without drainage. Plus, you were left guessing if you were giving your plant the water, light, and environmental conditions that it needed to thrive. It’s no wonder that the plant died and, that you blame yourself after an experience like that!

Trust me, it is not your fault! You can be a successful plant parent if your plant is given the best possible start and you are given the resources needed to help it thrive.

The Bloomscape difference.

We want you to have a great experience with your indoor plants—whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced plant parent. As Plant Mom, I make sure our plants are healthy, properly cared for, and well-rooted in pots with proper drainage before they are sold. We include detailed care instructions with every plant so you know how to care for your new plant right from the start. And, I’m here as an ongoing plant care resource for you. You can reach me and the Bloomscape team by email, chat, or Twitter, with care questions, plant concerns, or even if you need advice on choosing the right plant.

I want to share my love of plants with you and, I want to show you that anyone can be a plant person. So don’t be shy, Plant Mom is here to help! 

Do you have a plant question or concern? No matter what your question is or what kind of plant you have, I am here to answer your questions and give you the encouragement you need to be the best plant parent you can be. 

So let’s chat about plants!