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Our New Japanese Gardening Tools Were Made for Plant & Design Lovers

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For true plant lovers, gardening isn’t just a hobby — it’s an art form. From planting, pruning, and watering to arranging and styling both indoor and outdoor plants, gardening requires intuition, mindfulness, and keen attention to detail.

At Bloomscape, we couldn’t agree more, so we launched a collector’s set of four Hidehisa gardening tools: the Sentei Pruning Shears, Banno Sentei Pruning Shears, Ikebana Flower Scissors, and Okuba Garden Scissors. Created by Toyama Hamono, a traditional shears manufacturer based in Sanjo, Japan, each of these premium Japanese gardening tools speak to our deep appreciation for thoughtful care, natural beauty, and inimitable craftsmanship. The company has been hand-making secateurs and shears for 160 years, and their reputation now precedes them. Around the world, Toyama Hamono is known for producing top-of-the-line gardening shears and scissors.

To say that their methods are unique would be an understatement. Toyama Hamono swears by an ancient steel-making technique called Tatara, which was initially developed when crafting Japanese “katanas,” or swords. Their gardening tools are crafted from the same premium-quality Hidehisa steel sourced from Sanjo, and produce some of the sharpest, most precise cuts possible. What’s more, these tools are environmentally-friendly and free from all chemicals or artificial coloring.

In other words, these outdoor garden and indoor gardening tools double as works of art and are a unique addition to any gardener’s plant care toolset.

How to Care For Your Hidehisa Tools

As with any handcrafted piece, Hidehisa tools require thoughtful care and maintenance to preserve quality. Always wipe off any dirt or plant matter after use, and store your scissors or shears indoors to prevent rusting.

If you’re planning to store them for an extended period of time, wipe down the blades with cutting oil or sewing machine oil to protect the shears. Finally, the razor-sharp blades will require sharpening as time goes on—be sure to take them to a professional or safely use a whetstone sharpener at home.

For Large Houseplants and Branches

The Hidehisa Sentei Pruning Shears

Behold the gold standard in hand pruners. These hand-forged Japanese stainless steel shears are arguably Toyama Hamono’s most coveted product. A recipient of the Good Design® award in 2004 and 2006, these shears are celebrated for their unparalleled craftsmanship, ease of grip, and impressive strength. Intended for larger plants and branches, the Sentei Pruning Shears have a cutting capacity for plant stems with a maximum diameter of 15mm.

For new plant parents, pruning shears are a gardener’s best friend for outdoor and indoor plants alike. If you’re going to invest in a plant care tool, this is definitely it.

For Small Houseplants and Flowers

The Hidehisa Banno Sentei Pruning Shears

Buy Bloomscape Hidehisa Banno Sentei Pruning Shears

A companion tool to the Hidehisa Sentei Pruning Shears, the Hidehisa Banno Sentei Pruning Shears feature smaller blades intended for more delicate plant care. A Good Design® award-winner like its counterpart, these shears are also known for their ease of grip while packing force. The blades’ narrow tip is great for hard-to-reach areas, particularly for cutting plant stems with a maximum stem diameter of 10mm.

For Precision & Accuracy

The Hidehisa Okuba Garden Scissors

Buy Bloomscape Hidehisa Okuba Garden Scissors

If precision is what you’re after, the Hidehisa Okuba Garden Scissors were made for you. These needlepoint shears deliver the cleanest, sharpest cuts possible, whether you’re pruning branches, roses, flowers, or houseplants. They feature an oversized handle for detailed trimming, plus piercing blades sharpened using traditional Japanese methods.

For Blooms & Bouquets

The Hidehisa Ikebana Flower Scissors

Buy Bloomscape Hidehisa Ikebana Flower Scissors

The word “Ikebana” refers to the traditional art of Japanese art of flower arranging, and outside of fresh blooms, these scissors are all you need to nurture stunning flowers. With sharp, angled blades, these one-of-a-kind shears deliver clean cuts that won’t compress the stem fibers, which allows for better water absorption post-trim.

The curved handles were inspired by ancient Warabite-Tachi swords, which were named after Japan’s curled Warabi plant. The end of these scissors can be used to crush hard stems as a preservation technique.

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