How to Care for a Candelabra Cactus

How to Care for a Candelabra Cactus

Use these instructions to care for a candelabra cactus. this guide will tell you how to water your candelabra cactus, its light, temperature, and humidity preferences; and any additional care your plant might need to help it grow.


Your Candelabra Cactus will do well in indirect bright light to full sun. If it doesn’t receive enough light, the branches and stems will become leggy and stretched out.


Water your Candelabra Cactus deeply and then allow the top half of the soil to dry before watering again. Always water near the base of the plant and try to keep the stems dry. Your Candelabra will not tolerate wet soil or roots, so make sure to empty the saucer of all standing water. During the winter, the Candelabra Cactus can go up top 3-4 weeks without water.


This plant requires no additional humidity.


Your Candelabra Cactus prefers temperatures between 60-85 degrees.


Before applying any type of plant food, make sure the soil is already damp-never apply to dry soil. Your Candelabra Cactus requires fertilizer once in the spring and once in the summer. Apply an all-purpose, liquid plant food diluted to half strength. Do not fertilize your Candelabra in the fall or winter when plant growth naturally slows.


If you notice a white, crusty substance on the soil surface of a Candelabra Cactus, it is fertilizer salt that needs to be flushed from the soil. Remove the salt layer if it's thick, and then water the plant slowly with twice the volume of water that the pot holds. Allow the soil to drain completely, and don't let the pot stand in water. The fertilizer salt-flushing procedure can be done 1-2 times each year if it is necessary.


Your Candelabra Cactus is moderately toxic to pets and humans. Typically, ingestion will cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting.