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How to Care for a Dracaena Dorado

Use these instructions to care for a Dracaena Dorado. This guide will tell you how to water your Dracaena Dorado, its light, temperature, and humidity preferences; and any additional care your plant might need to help it grow.


Your Dracaena Dorado will do well in low to bright indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can burn and bleach the leaves.  


Allow the soil of your Dracaena to dry out slightly between watering, then water thoroughly until water comes out of the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. Discard any excess water that has collected in the saucer–your Dracaena Dorado does not like to sit in water. Too many yellow leaves mean the plant is staying too wet, and brown leaves indicate that it’s too dry.  


Your Dracaena Dorado will benefit from a light misting 1-2 times per week, especially in the winter, when the air is dry. Misting also helps keep the foliage clean and dust-free.  


Your Dracaena Dorado will thrive in average room temperatures, between 60-80 degrees.  


Feed your Dracaena Dorado every month in the spring and summer with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer, diluted to half the recommended strength.  


Wipe the leaves with a soft damp cloth to remove dust as necessary. Take care to clean the undersides of the leaves as well as the upper surfaces. Removing dust opens the pores so your plant can exchange air freely, and it helps prevent pests from taking up residency.  


Moderately toxic to pets, typically causing mild mouth irritation, stomach irritation, and possible vomiting.