Porch + Patio Plant Care

How to Start Your Own Outdoor Garden in 5 Easy Steps

To say that outdoor gardening is a worthy pursuit is an understatement. Not only does plant care offer a host of mental and physical health benefits (check out horticultural therapy), caring for indoor and outdoor plants also serves as a healthy, fulfilling hobby that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

If you’re new to outdoor gardening and have only cared for indoor houseplants, it can feel intimidating and overwhelming. From selecting the right soil and curating flower arrangements to buying and hauling all the necessary supplies to your backyard or porch, traditional outdoor gardening typically requires a bit more elbow grease, planning, and knowledge of outdoor plants.

Not to worry — our new Outdoor Porch + Patio Collection aims to make outdoor gardening easy for the modern-day gardener. Not only do we ship care essentials like outdoor pots, potting soil, and a variety of fertilizers directly to your door, our newly-launched Bloom Kits feature expertly-curated outdoor flower and foliage arrangements designed to brighten any porch, patio, or balcony garden.

If you’re in the midst of planning your spring or summer garden, Bloomscape has the plants, care tools, and supplies, and Grow-How™ to help you grow beautiful, healthy container gardens each year. Keep reading for our outdoor gardening tips on how to bring your dream garden to life.

Step 1: Determine your sunlight levels

To set your garden up for success, you’ll need to first understand the sunlight levels in your backyard, patio, or porch. Your home’s mix of sun and shade will then determine which outdoor plants you should include in your garden. At Bloomscape, we define “full sun” as an area that gets six-plus hours of direct sunlight, and “full shade” as an area that gets six-plus hours of direct shade (like a covered porch, patio, or balcony).

Step 2: Shop Bloom Kits based on your garden’s needs

To ensure you get the right plants delivered at the right time, our Bloom Kits are organized by lighting and size. With over 30 Bloom Kit offerings, our collection of single and multi-variety kits vary in color and are suited for full sun or full shade, plus a few species that can thrive in either sun or shade.

Our Combination Kits features a vibrant mix of plants of three different varieties Accent Kits include single varieties that’ll add a splash of color to your garden or complement a larger arrangement.

What’s more, many of our Bloom Kits include pollinating flowers that may attract butterflies, bees, and even hummingbirds!

Step 3: Buy your gardening supplies

To make outdoor gardening easy, our new collection provides you with expert recommendations from Bloomscape’s own Plant Mom to grow and care for your Bloom Kits.

From our signature Garden Soil, Garden Gloves, and Haws Outdoor Watering Can to top-of-the-line gardening essentials like all-purpose fertilizer from heritage brand Jack’s Fertilizer, you’ll have everything your plants need to thrive. Our outdoor pots and planters also have proper drainage to ensure that your plants don’t suffer from too much moisture, which can lead to root rot.

Step 4: Plan your garden design and potting arrangements

Every gardener knows the importance of planning your design ahead of time. Fortunately, the plant care experts on our Grow-How™ Team created our Bloom Kits with plants that are proven to grow together harmoniously rather than overgrowing and crowding out the rest of the arrangement.

Most importantly, each Bloom Kit features a hand-selected mix of annual flowers and foliage varieties in complementary plant heights, widths, and colors to help you achieve classic outdoor container gardens. To help with designing your Bloom Kit, Plant Mom has created unique planting arrangements for each kit known as a ‘plantagram.’ You can always design your own style to display your flowers.

Step 5: Roll up your sleeves and start planting

Once the danger of frost has passed in your hardiness zone and your Bloom Kits and gardening tools arrive, now it’s time to plant! We recommend unboxing your kits as soon as they’re delivered to provide them with a thorough watering — your plants will likely be thirsty from their trip so water according to the instructions provided.

Plan to plant your Bloom Kits in their planters within seven days using Potting Soil and the fertilizer packets included with your plants.

For a closer look at how to plant your Bloom Kits, watch Bloomscape’s Plant Mom walk you through the planting process in the video below.

For more outdoor gardening inspiration, visit our Porch + Patio Plant Care blog.