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Bloom Kits 101: Outdoor Lighting, Pots, and Sizing Guides

Looking for more information about our new Bloom Kits and container gardening ideas? Read our quick help guides for outdoor sunlight, Bloom Kit pot, and planter types, and Bloom Kit sizing.

Know Your Outdoor Sunlight

Use these guidelines to determine how much sun your outdoor patio or porch garden plants should get. Remember to keep in mind that a building, tree, or front porch roof can create a shaded area even if other surrounding areas get full sun.

Once you know what kind of light you have, use our sunlight filters to display the Bloom Kits recommended for your garden’s sunlight levels.

Here are our container garden recommendations for your outdoor space and sunlight exposure:

Outdoor sunlight location guide for Bloomscape Bloom Kits

1. Shade (Full Shade): 6 hours of full shade or 3 hours of morning sun before noon

2. & 3. Sun (Full Sun): 6 hours of direct sunlight

Choose the Perfect Planter

There are lots of outdoor planter options out there — even for smaller patios and outdoor spaces — and understanding the size and type can help you select the best Bloom Kit for your existing or a new planter. You will want to choose planters with drainage holes so any excess water can drain out of the bottom.

Planter and wall hanging planter guide for Bloomscape Bloom Kits

1. Hanging Baskets: Ideal for mounding and trailing plants

2. 8–14″ Diameter Pots: Perfect for mounding and upright plants

3. 14–20″ Diameter Pots: Great for trailing, mounding, and upright plants

4. Wall Hanging Planters: Recommended for trailing and mounding plants

Bloom Kit Sizes

With vibrant color options for both sun and shade, you can mix and match kits together to fill your outdoor porch or patio garden with style.

Accent Kits

Each Accent Kit contains 6 young plants of a single variety for two 8–10″ containers such as small hanging baskets, small pots, or tabletop planters.

Combination Kits

Each Combination Kit contains 3 different varieties selected to grow together, so they share the same light and watering requirements. Available in two sizes, Standard Combination Kits are perfect for an 11–14″ planter while Deluxe Combination Kits are ideal for two 11–14″ pots or one 15–20″ planter.

Bloomscape Accent Kits, Standard Combination Kits, and Deluxe Combination Kits

1. Accent Kits include 6 plants.

2. Standard Combination Kits include 8 plants.

3. Deluxe Combination Kits include 16 plants.

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