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Help Create a Greener Detroit This Earth Month with Outdoor Porch + Patio

Unsurprisingly, Earth Month is an initiative close to the Bloomscape team’s mission. As a plant company, we are acutely aware of the beauty, knowledge, and mental and physical nourishment that nature provides — from indoor houseplants and small backyards to public parks, community gardens, and even basic landscaping.

But cities often have limited access to nature and greenery, especially across racial and socioeconomic lines. For example, tree coverage, which helps protect against rising heat concerns, is correlated with a neighborhood’s income. In Detroit — where 79% of the city’s residents are Black — air quality, clean water, lead contamination, and access to nature are all environmental justice concerns.

Photography Courtesy of The Greening of Detroit

So this year, we decided to partner with The Greening of Detroit to honor Earth Month and give back to our home city. “This non-profit organization is focused on enhancing the quality of life for Detroiters by planting trees, providing job training, maintaining urban gardens, and teaching our youth about the natural environment,” explains Bridget Russo, Bloomscape’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Research shows that greener cities are healthier cities, and we hope that this partnership helps create a more nature-filled Detroit.”

From April 15 through April 25, 2021, we’re donating 15 percent of purchases from Outdoor Porch + Patio Bloom Kits and Bundles to support a donation of $5,000 to this esteemed organization for local green programs. When you purchase flowers or greenery for your balcony, window baskets, or backyard, you’ll also be helping to build and maintain green spaces in the city we call home.

Photography Courtesy of The Greening of Detroit

“We believe that it’s important to bring greenery into our cities and communities, as well as our homes,” adds Russo. “It’s our hope that this partnership helps bring city dwellers closer to nature.”

Shop our Bloom Kits and Bundles in honor of Earth Day, and check out our outdoor gardening tips and inspiration in our Porch + Patio Plant Care blog to learn how to start a thriving spring garden.