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How to Plant Your Bloom Kit: A Tutorial with Plant Mom

So, your Bloom Kits have arrived, and now it’s time to plant. If you’re new to outdoor gardening, don’t worry — Bloomscape’s Plant Mom has put together a how-to guide for potting new annuals in their planters. Start your porch and patio garden with Grow-How™ and follow along with Joyce Mast in the tutorial below.

My Bloom Kits Are Here…Now What?

As soon as your Bloom Kits are delivered, we recommend unboxing your young plants to provide them with a thorough watering. Your plants will likely be thirsty from their trip, so water according to the instructions provided with your Bloom Kits.

Plan to plant your Bloom Kits in their planters within seven days using potting soil and the fertilizer packets included with your plants.

How to Plant Your Bloom Kit With Plant Mom

In the video below, watch Bloomscape’s Plant Mom Joyce walk you through the Bloom Kit planting process.

Step 1: Prepare Pot for Planting

Get ready for planting by adding potting soil to your planter. Add the slow-release fertilizer to the soil according to the instructions included with your Bloom Kit. Mix evenly into the soil so that it’s well distributed throughout the potting mix.

Step 2: Plant Your Young Plants

Add the Bloom Kit to the soil by creating a small hole for the plant pod using your fingers. Be careful not to pack down the soil too tightly — you’ll want your soil light and airy for the best results.

Step 3: Follow Your Planting Arrangement

Each of our container gardening kits includes a ‘plantagram,’ which is the diagram for how to arrange the plants within a pot. Plant Mom has created unique planting arrangements for each Bloom Kit box, or you can create your own style to display your plants.

Step 4: Water Your Bloom Kit

Water your young plants thoroughly once planted. Be sure to provide your plants with enough water so that water drains out from the drainage hole in your pot. This will ensure your Bloom Kit has what it needs to begin growing.

Need More Help?

Plant Mom and the Grow-How™ Team are here to help you throughout your outdoor plant care journey. If you’re looking for help with your patio or porch garden, contact the Grow-How™ Team today for expert plant care advice.

For more outdoor gardening tips and advice on how to beautify your outdoor space, visit our Porch + Patio Plant Care blog.