Porch + Patio Plant Care

Why Outdoor Porch + Patio Gardening: A Note from Our Founder

Our founder Justin Mast has been waiting for quite some time to bring Outdoor Porch + Patio to life. With our new collection, any indoor plant caretaker can now take that next step as a gardener and venture into outdoor plant care and gardening. In fact, it’s been Justin’s dream ever since he was an eight-year-old kid selling plants outside of his parents’ greenhouse.

We’re excited to finally offer a curated selection of young annuals and foliage, plus all the tools, supplies, and Grow-How™ you’ll need to feel like a master gardener by the end of the summer. Watch the video below to learn more about why Bloomscape launched our latest collection for outdoor gardening.

Video Transcript

So, I am very excited to be launching into outdoor plants. This is a moment that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time and that our customers have been asking for as well. 

This is a chance to really extend the experience you’ve had with indoor gardening outside of your home and to really grow as a gardener.

We crafted this program to make sure you can really experience the thrill of gardening.

When you [choose your plants and] open your kit, it’s going to be pure potential. Young plants that are ready to be planted and really grow and thrive in your environment over the course of the season

So, I come from a long line of greenhouse owners and operators. It goes back five generations on my dad’s side and three generations on my mom’s side — pioneers in the floral industry. So we come from, really the Dutch heritage of horticulture and greenhouse technology. 

Seeing how much people love to buy plants directly from the greenhouse — I think the plants were bigger, better healthier — so, there’s some DNA there that’s now landing in Bloomscape and allows us to bring a lot of the value that we bring to our customers. 

Outdoor gardening is special because it’s a way to connect to the seasons. It’s a way to celebrate the coming of spring and to really be outside and enjoy the summer.

One of the other really great things about this program is that each container will have a combination of plants that share the same [plant] pot [or garden planter]. This is going to be really exciting because the different plants will grow together and they’ll really change together over the course of the [growing] season. You’ll see different plants go in and out of bloom, and each container garden will be dynamic over the course of the summer. 

And so we’ve done a lot of the work, testing 1000s of different combinations of plants and different lighting conditions, and different wind conditions to make sure that we’ve really selected and curated the best combinations of plants to choose from. 

And just like everything we do at Bloomscape, we’ll be here to answer your questions, we’ll have great content online, and the Vera plant care app will be an awesome tool for helping you be really successful. 

We’ve really designed this program to make sure that you feel like a master gardener by the end of the summer. I’m thrilled and honored that we can help so many people take that next step into gardening.