Anthurium Big and Bold


Elegant and romantic with large, heart-shaped leaves and white blooms

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Large — 22"-26" tall (including recycled plastic Ecopot)   Size Guide


No-fuss — Carefree


Low to Partial — Low to bright indirect light

Pet Friendly

No — Can cause mouth and skin irritation and digestive reaction

Air Cleaner

Yes — Removes formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and ammonia from the air


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  • No single-use plastic

  • Ecopots made from up to 80% recycled plastic

  • Plastic-free packaging


The dazzling color of the Anthurium’s Big and Bold’s “flowers” can last in your home for months. While the blooms look like flowers, they are actually colorful modified leaves. The Anthurium symbolizes hospitality and inspires happiness and abundance. The perfect plant to give your home that “gezellig” feeling.

Originally found in areas of the Andes Mountain range in Columbia and Ecuador, these beauties enjoy a warm and bright spot in your home with a bit of extra humidity.

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Botanical Name

Anthurium andraeanum 'Big and Bold'

Common Name(s)

Anthurium, Flaming Flower, Flamingo Flower, Flamingo Lily, Boy Flower, Little Boy Plant, Laceleaf, Tailflower Hawaiian Heart

What's Included

  • Healthy plant in its pot with premium soil — saucer included
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care
  • Pot Size: Ecopots, 11.8" in diameter, 10.25" tall. Saucer Size: 10.5" in diameter
  • Plant Size: 22"-26" tall (including pot)
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Living Room Ready

Living Room Ready

Unlike buying a plant from a box store, your Bloomscape plant arrives fully-grown as pictured and pre-potted. We’ve spent a lot of time selecting pots that have optimal drainage, look great, and come with a saucer so your floor or desk won’t get ruined. All you have to do is unpack your plant and find the perfect spot for it in your home.

Fully Grown & Healthy

Fully Grown + Healthy

Most of the time when you buy houseplants, they are partially grown and kept in less than ideal conditions. With Bloomscape, our houseplants are grown and cared for in our greenhouses by plant experts until the day we ship them to you. That way, your plants arrive fully-grown, healthy, and ready for you to enjoy.

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"Loving my new Monstera plant...the best part—it was delivered STRAIGHT to my door, already potted, in the cutest packaging!
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