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Charm and Cheer Collection

Three pet-friendly, colorful plants


3 plants ranging from 5”-9” tall (including pot)
Easy and low-maintenance
Low to bright indirect light
Pet Friendly
Non-toxic to pets and humans
Air Cleaner
Removes harmful toxins from the air

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Buy Bloomscape Potted Charm and Cheer Collection

full description

This hand-selected collection of pet-friendly plants is sure to bring you holiday cheer. Perfect as a gift, or for decorating your home for the holidays, the festive foliage of these bright and colorful plants will make a gorgeous feature to a shelf, table, or windowsill.

The Calathea Vittata’s bright striping, and the bold pink pattern of the Fittonia Red compliment the Peperomia Rosso’s red stems and compact, textured foliage.

This collection is perfect for the pet-lover, as all three plants are completely pet-friendly and non-toxic!


Pot Size: 4″ in diameter, 3.75″ tall

Plant size (including pot): ranging from 6″–11″ tall

meet the plants

  • Buy Bloomscape Potted Charm and Cheer Collection

    Peperomia Rosso

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  • Buy Bloomscape Potted Charm and Cheer Collection

    Calathea Vittata

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  • Buy Bloomscape Potted Charm and Cheer Collection

    Fittonia Red

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