Double Macrame Hanger

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Beautifully display two of your favorite small plants with this handcrafted Double Macrame Plant Hanger, made of 100% cotton. It pairs well with pothos, prayer plants, philodendrons, and other plants that trail down, creating a lush display in any room. This macrame plant hanger allows your plant to get more natural light when hung by a window while being super stylish. The perfect gift to give plant-loving friends and family.


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Hang your trailing and vining plants in style with this handcrafted Double Macrame Plant Hanger by Soul of the Party. Made of sustainable materials, this 100% cotton hanger adds a touch of boho style to any plant on display.

Measuring 51” long, it pairs well with our small Ecopots and saucers. To use, gently slip the plant and pot into the center of the hanger, being careful not to damage any foliage, then hang the loop onto a bar or hook (not included). You now have a beautifully displayed plant to admire.

This double macrame plant hanger is the perfect gift for plant parents and green-thumbed people in our lives. A plant hanger offers both beauty and a purpose, allowing a plant to access more natural light. No matter the space, this macrame plant hanger by Soul of the Party adds a design element without overshadowing a plant’s beauty.

About Soul of the Party:

The mission of “Soul of the Party” is to make “every day a party” in the way one decorates, feels, and lives close to nature. They take the initiative to look for materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly when designing new products, and from there they create items that people can use in everyday spaces to connect with the Earth.


  • Length: 51”
  • Fits 2 pots 4-6” in diameter
  • Materials: 100% cotton


Please note: This product does not include a plant or pot. Additionally, this product is not eligible for discounts and will ship separately from plant orders.

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