Essential Plant Repotting Set

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Are you noticing roots growing out of the drainage hole or water rushing through when you water? Are the roots of your plant tightly-wound in the pot? If so, it may be time to repot your plant. Our Essential Plant Repotting Set has all of the tools you’ll need to repot your plants, including a potting tarp, garden gloves, soil scoop, and our two most versatile fertilizers. The perfect gift for the plant enthusiast in your life.

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What's Included
  • Medium Potting Tarp
  • Time Release ClassiCote Fertilizer (15-8-23)
  • Houseplant Special Fertilizer (15‑30‑15)
  • Soil Scoop
  • Garden Gloves
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Repot your plants using our Essential Plant Repotting Set. This set includes our medium potting tarp and garden gloves to ensure a mess-free repotting experience. It also includes a soil scoop for easily moving soil and two kinds of fertilizer: our Time Release ClassiCote Fertilizer and our Houseplant Special Fertilizer.

The Time Release ClassiCote Fertilizer (15-8-23) releases nutrients slowly over 4 months, making this the perfect choice to incorporate into fresh potting soil during repotting. To use, mix thoroughly throughout soil during repotting, following label instructions. After four months, you can top-dress your pots with another application, lightly working the granules into the top inch of soil.

The Houseplant Special Fertilizer (15-30-15) is a water-soluble fertilizer that provides nutrients immediately available to plants, making this the ideal food for active growth periods. To use, simply mix with water according to label instructions and apply to damp houseplant soil.

To learn about your specific plant’s preferred fertilization schedule, please refer to our Plant Care Guides.


  • 1 Medium Potting Tarp – 24” in height, 34” in width
  • 1 tub of Time Release ClassiCote Fertilizer (15-8-23) – 2 lb resealable tub
  • 1 tub of Houseplant Special Fertilizer (15‑30‑15) – 8 oz tub with measuring spoon
  • 1 Soil Scoop – width 8.5 cm x overall length 31 cm
  • 1 pair of Garden Gloves – one size fits most

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