Outdoor Minimalist Collection

$69 – $99

Add a touch of classic, understated beauty to your shaded outdoor space with the Outdoor Minimalist Collection. Featuring shades of silver, green, and white, this collection pairs elegant blooms with graceful foliage that shines from spring through fall. Mix and match the Hanging Basket, Medium Planter, and Large Planter to complete your sophisticated summer look. Scroll down for more details!

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For bigger, healthier blooms and lush foliage, apply this fertilizer that is great for indoor and outdoor plants.

  • Ecopots Square Pot – 16″ x 16″


    With a minimalist design, our 16" x 16" Ecopots square planter is sure to pair nicely with your plant without stealing the show. Made from 80% recycled plastic, this square pot comes in a range of colors, each including a detached saucer and drainage hole. The simple, timeless look of this pot fits in with any home decor.


  • Houseplant Special Fertilizer (15‑30‑15)


    Effective for both foliage and flowering plants, the Houseplant Special Fertilizer is a must-have product in your care routine. Containing a boost of phosphorus, it will encourage bigger, healthier blooms as well as lush foliage. It works well on plants such as tradescantia, bird of paradise, hoya, schefflera, aglaonema, and more.


Details & Care

Does not ship to



< 4 hours of daily Direct Sunlight


White, White/Silver, Green

Blooms During

Early flowering with blooms lasting all season


Yes, attracts butterflies

Perfect For

Porches, patios, balconies

We’ve perfected shipping bright blooms to your doorstep! Here are some steps we take to preserve quality during shipping:

  1. Your plants will not ship in full bloom as pictured, but will quickly reach mature size and full bloom upon arrival.
  2. Your plants will ship after the threat of frost has passed in your area to protect them from damaging temperatures.
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Understated tones of white, silver, and green shine in the Outdoor Minimalist Collection, expertly designed to offer constant color in areas that receive 4 or fewer hours of direct sunlight per day. All of our products include tips and tricks for expert-level outdoor plant care.

What’s Included: Hanging Basket
  • Healthy plants pre-potted with premium soil
    • 4 Double White Impatiens
    • 4 Silver Falls Dichondra
  • Ecopot hanging pot
    • Pot size: 12.9” diameter, 6.5″ tall
    • Stainless steel S-hook and wire for hanging
    • Weight when watered: 20 lbs
What’s Included: Medium Planter
  • Healthy plants pre-potted with premium soil
    • 2 Double White Impatiens
    • 2 Silver Falls Dichondra
    • 2 White Polka Dot Plant
  • Ecopot pot and saucer OR biodegradable fiber pot
    • Ecopot square pot
    • Pot size: 11.8″ square, 10.4″ tall
    • Saucer size: 11″ square
  • Biodegradable fiber pot
    • Pot size: 11.25” diameter, 10” tall
    • Plant fiber pot into your own planter
    • Discoloration or mold growth on the fiber pot is normal
What’s Included: Large Planter
  • Healthy plants pre-potted with premium soil
    • 3 Double White Impatiens
    • 3 Silver Falls Dichondra
    • 3 White Polka Dot Plant
    • 1 Gryphon Begonia
  • Biodegradable fiber pot
    • Pot size: 12.375” diameter, 11” tall
    • Plant fiber pot into your own planter
    • Discoloration or mold growth on the fiber pot is normal
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Meet the Plants

Impatiens 'Fiesta Bonita White'
Dichondra Silver Falls Detail
Dichondra 'Silver Falls'
Hypoestes Splash Select White Detail
Hypoestes 'Splash Select White'
Begonia 'Gryphon'

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"This is the best plant store I have ever ordered from! My plants were shipped/delivered so fast. When I had a question, Bloomscape got back to me right away, and they were so friendly!"
Jess J.
"The plants are in such great shape when they arrive, the pots are beautiful, and the variety is fantastic."
Meghan K.
"I knew nothing about plants, and was able to feel confident about caring for them. I haven’t killed one yet, thanks to help from your care guides and Plant Mom!"
Kayla B.