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Three pet-friendly peperomia plants.

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Extra Small — 3 plants ranging from 6″-8″ tall (including pot)   Size Guide


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Yes — Non-toxic and pet-friendly

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The Pet-Peromia Collection is a fun and lively group of three pet-friendly Peperomia plants, including Peperomia Green, Peperomia Ruby Glow, and Peperomia Happy Beans. Peperomia are similar to succulents, in that they are drought tolerant and very hardy.

All three Peperomia in this collection are Native to South America.


Plant Size: 3 plants ranging from 6″-8″ tall (including pot)

Pot Size: 4″ in diameter, 3.75″ tall

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Meet the Plants

  • Buy Bloomscape Potted Pet-Peromia Collection
    Happy Beans
  • Buy Bloomscape Potted Pet-Peromia Collection
    Peperomia Green
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    Ruby Glow
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Introducing Collections

Introducing Collections

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