Plant Parent Essentials Kit


Plant Parent Essentials Tool Kit, complete with large Ecopot and saucer, stainless steel hand trowel, and houseplant pruning shears.

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  • No single-use plastic

  • Ecopots made from up to 80% recycled plastic

  • Plastic-free packaging


Our Plant Parent Essentials Tool Kit includes a large Ecopot (which fits both large and extra large plants), Hand Trowel, and a Houseplant Pruner.

A gardening staple, a trowel is a nimble hand tool used for digging and moving small amounts of soil. Our classic Hand Trowel features a wide, deep dish to carry the maximum amount of dirt with every scoop. The polished stainless steel finish is highly resistant to rust, keeping it beautiful for years to come.

The Houseplant Pruner features stainless steel rust-resistant blades, and a comfort grip handle. It’s ideal for thicker cuts such as large stems and tough branches, making plant maintenance a breeze. Regularly pruning houseplants and outdoor shrubs is essential in encouraging fuller growth and happy, healthy greenery.

  • Specs:
    • Hand Trowel width 7 cm x overall length 30 cm
    • Pruner width 5 cm x length 15.5 cm
    • L/XL Ecopot 11.8″ in diameter, 10.25″ tall / Saucer Size: 10.5″ in diameter

What People are Saying

"Any service that allows you to order a full grown plant online and then delivers it right to your door is my kind of service!"
Kelsey, Pittsburgh, PA
"I always struggle with how much to water plants, but this plant came with care instructions!"
Kristen, Omaha, NE
"Loving my new Monstera plant...the best part—it was delivered STRAIGHT to my door, already potted, in the cutest packaging!
Kaylyn, Riverside, CA