Sarracenia Pitcher Plant


Bring the wonders of carnivorous plants to your home with the Sarracenia Pitcher Plant. It’s as beautiful as it is deadly (only if you’re an insect of course!) with green pitchers laced with intricate purple veins. Insects are attracted by a trail of nectar-secreting glands that extend downward along the top and into the interior of the pitcher. Once trapped inside the plant will slowly digest its prey.

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Details & Care


SM—8”-11" tall (including recycled plastic Ecopot) Size Guide


Moderate—Needs a bit of extra care


Bright Indirect to Direct

Pet Friendly

No—Toxic and not pet-friendly

Air Cleaner

Yes—Releases oxygen and absorbs pollutants

What's Included
  • Healthy plant pre-potted with premium soil
    • Plant size: 8″-11″ tall (including pot)
  • Ecopots pot and saucer
    • Pot size: 6.3″ in diameter, 5″ tall
    • Saucer size: 6″ in diameter
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care
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Watch nature in action with the unique Sarracenia Pitcher Plant. This carnivorous plant makes the perfect gift for yourself or other plant thrill-seekers. Much like a siren’s song, the beautiful Sarracenia Pitcher Plant lures its unsuspecting prey with its naturally produced sweet-smelling nectar. Once its meal has made it inside it is slowly digested by the plant, fueling more growth.

The Sarracenia Pitcher Plant is native to the bogs and wetlands of the Southeastern United States. They prefer indirect to bright light, with the purple veins becoming more prominent with higher light. Water the potting medium to keep it evenly moist, and fill the pitchers ¼ full with rain or distilled water. Keep the humidity around the plant high and avoid drafty areas.

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Botanical Name

Sarracenia purpurea

Common Name(s)

Nothern Pitcher Plant, Purple Pitcher Plant, Pitcher Plant

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