Simple Combination Set (Shady)

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Classic white flowers paired with trailing green foliage perfect for a shady spot in your garden.

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Please Note: Bloom Kits include young plants that are not fully grown.

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White Impatiens, Torenia, and Mezoo Combination Kit

Beautiful outdoor blooms featuring white flowers paired with trailing green foliage. Great for a shaded spot on your porch or patio, this kit includes White Impatiens, White Torenias, and Mezoo.

Through April 25, we’re giving back 15% of sales for Bloom Kits and Bundles to The Greening of Detroit to help make Detroit a greener, healthier city.


Ecopots Bell Pot - Large (14")

Large Ecopots bell-shaped planter with saucer

Please note: This product does not include a plant. Additionally, this product is not eligible for discounts and will ship separately from plant orders.

Potting Soil × 2

Bloomscape’s signature potting soil with Canadian Peat Moss, Perlite, and Hydrafiber for indoor and outdoor plant care

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Details & Care




White/Silver, Green

Blooms During

Early flowering with blooms lasting all season


Yes. Attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds

Perfect For


What's Included

Your Simple Combination Set (Shady) includes the ingredients you’ll need to grow and enjoy beautiful container gardens:

  • One White Impatiens, Torenia, and Mezoo Standard Combination Kit with 8 young plants perfect for one 14″ planter:
    • 2 Impatiens Double Fiesta Bonita White
    • 3 Torenia Summer Wave Bouquet White
    • 3 Dorotheanthus Mezoo
  • Pot and Soil
    • 1 Large Ecopots Bell Pot with saucer
    • 2 Bags of Potting Soil (8qt each)
    • Your first application of slow-release fertilizer
  • Outdoor Grow-How™
    • Detailed outdoor plant care instructions
    • An easy how-to guide for planting your blooms
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  • No single-use plastic

  • Ecopots made from up to 80% recycled plastic

  • Plastic-free packaging


This Simple Combination Set features a classic mix of white flowers and trailing green foliage and includes one Large Ecopots Bell Pots with two bags of Bloomscape Potting Soil.

Also known as Double Impatiens, White Impatiens have eye-catching blooms that last all season and complement the White Torenia with its smaller white blooms, which feature a delicate yellow center. Finally, Mezoos complete this Bloom Kit by adding texture with its trailing succulent leaves. Your Mezoo plant may also grow small, pink flowers throughout the season.

As a bonus, the blossoms of the White Impatiens and White Torenia may attract pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your garden.

The plants in this set are shade-loving, making them perfect for covered porches or balconies.

Large Ecopots Bell Pot with saucer, 13.8″ in diameter and 12″ tall
Saucer Size: 11.4″ in diameter

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