Transform Your Bedroom with Plants

Transforming your bedroom into the peaceful, lush, and beautiful sanctuary of your dreams is as easy as adding some well-chosen plants to your decor.

Adding houseplants to your bedroom immediately refreshes and livens up your space.  Check out our tips for creating your own bedroom oasis simply by adding a few plants. Added bonus—your new plant friends will improve your health and boost your mood by naturally purifying the air.

TIP 1: Turn a bare corner into a focal point

Fill up an empty corner with a lush tropical plant, like the Monstera. You can place it directly on the floor in its saucer, or give it some height. We love using something different than a simple plant stand, like the wooden crate pictured below. Plus, the crate creates a perfect nook for a small plant like a Silver Satin Pothos!

plants for your bedroom

TIP 2: Add some green to your bedside tables

Depending on the size of your bedside tables, put one or two small plants next to your lamp or alarm clock. A trailing Pothos plant or an upright Hedgehog Aloe will leave plenty of room for your phone and current bedtime read.

TIP 3: Take advantage of your window sill

Group a few smaller, light-loving plants together on your window sill, and think about hanging one in a macrame hanger too! The Ponytail Palm will add some whimsy to your mornings and the Bird’s Nest Fern is a nice lush accent to your window sill.