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Show your love with plants! Our Valentine’s Day gift guide is here.

No matter who you’re trying to impress this Valentine’s Day, trust us–they want a plant.

For your longtime love, the Schefflera Amate

They’re your person. They’ve been with you through thick and thin, and you’re in it for the long haul. It only makes sense to give your main squeeze a big ‘ol Schefflera Amate. This is no small plant, but it is very low-maintenance. If you’re into grand gestures, the Schefflera Amate is for you. If you’re the type to tone it down a notch, try the Homalomena Emerald Gem or Variegated Ficus instead.

For your bestie, a Rhoeo Oyster or Monstera

Lush, wild, and dramatic, just like times you shared in college. Let your bestie know you’re thinking of them this Valentine’s day by sending them a Rhoeo Oyster or Monstera! Lush emerald green leaves with deep slotted leaves make the Monstera plant a sought-after favorite. With foliage equally as dramatic is the Rhoeo Oyster. The colorful leaves of the Rhoeo Oyster are a subtle nod to that time they tried dying their hair purple in your dorm room sink. Both plants are bold and laid-back like your bud. These are great, ultra-easy options for your pal who isn’t the most accomplished plant parent. 

For your new boo, a Red Prayer Plant or Philodendron Heartleaf

The Red Prayer Plant and Philodendron Heartleaf are great options for that new flame. The delicate heart-shaped leaves of the Philodendron Heartleaf are a no-brainer. Will they react with joy and gratitude for this new plant friend, or will they be confused and apprehensive? Without going all How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days “Love Fern” on you, giving your new boo a plant this Valentine’s day is a test, and the future of your relationship depends on it. If all goes well, a few years from now you’ll remember this v-day as you place your lush and vining Philodendron on the bookshelf in your new place together.

Don’t forget mom! Give her a Stromanthe Triostar.

Remember that time she helped you make Valentine cards for your entire third-grade class? Well, that was a lot of glitter. She deserves a little thank you. Impress her with the eye-catching foliage of the Stromanthe Triostar. Lush emerald greens, pretty pinks, and creamy pearls adorn the dramatic feather-like leaves that she will love watching move towards the light—literally reaching for the stars as the light fades. Bonus: the Triostar is pet-friendly, perfect for fur-moms (and dads, too!).