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Why Houseplants Are the Perfect Gifts

Why Houseplants are the Perfect Gift, Bloomscape

The Dutch have a word “gezellig” that loosely translates to a warm, cozy feeling, or time spent with family and friends. And while you might not be spending as much time with them lately, you can adopt the wonderful Dutch tradition of giving plants as gifts and help create gezelligheid from afar this holiday season. Here are our reasons why we think houseplants are the perfect gift.

1. They last longer than a month

Traditional holiday plants like Poinsettias last about 3-4 weeks. They’re grown to be temporary decorations and are therefore not very healthy or long-living. Here, we prefer cultivating to decorating. Houseplants like the Red Prayer, Anthurium Big and Bold, or the Pet-Peromia Collection all have festive colors and will bring you cheer for years to come—not just during the holidays.

2. They’re beautiful and beneficial

Houseplants are not only beautiful additions but improve air quality. This is especially important during the winter, as we all tend to spend more time indoors and plants remove everyday chemicals found in furniture, carpet, and other common household items. Try a Sansevieria that will help remove toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. Plus they produce oxygen at night, so they make excellent bedroom companions.

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3. Everyone loves a plant

December will certainly look a little different this year. Though you may not be going to Christmas parties, holiday dinners, and New Year’s Day brunch in person, consider virtual versions of those traditions and surprise the host or hostess by sending a plant gift through the mail.

Why Houseplants are the Perfect Gift, Bloomscape


4. Perfect for long-distance friends and family

What better way to show your love to your friends and family that live across the country than with a plant! Plus, every time they care for it, they’ll be reminded of you and what a great gifter you are.

5. It won’t get thrown away!

How many gifts that you’ve received end up in the back of your closet, the bottom of a drawer, or worse, in the garbage? When you give a plant, your gift is pretty much guaranteed to be enjoyed and not forgotten — at least we hope not!