Plant + Product FAQs

Indoor Plant FAQs

Will my houseplant look like the plant in the picture?

Yes! All Bloomscape plants are fully grown as pictured, however, each plant is unique so there will be variations in color, shape, etc. Your plant will arrive healthy and undamaged, pre-potted in the color of your choosing with a matching saucer.

My plant or pot arrived damaged, what do I do?

We’re so sorry your plant or pot was damaged during shipping. We guarantee the safe and healthy arrival of all our plants and will happily send you a replacement free of charge.

Please have your order number and a photo of your damaged plant ready, then let us know via the form below so we can ship a replacement for you as soon as possible.

What’s wrong with my plant? Help!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with all your plant questions or concerns! You can get in touch with our very own Plant Mom and her team of experts.

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Patio Plant FAQs

When will my Bloom Kit ship?

Your Bloom Kit will ship after the last expected frost date in your zipcode. You can find this start date at checkout and in your confirmation email. Once you enter your shipping zip code, you will see an estimated date for when we will start shipping to your area. Bloom Kits ship on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday each week.

If there is inclement weather in your area, we may wait to ship your Bloom Kit until we know we can get them to you safely. We will do our best to keep you updated about your shipment.

If you ordered multiple Bloom Kits, they should all ship together.

Do Bloom Kits come with pots and soil?

No, pots and soil are sold separately from Bloom Kits. As some may already own outdoor planters, pots, and baskets, we wanted to encourage them to re-use what they already have.

Shop our Bloom Kit Bundles, include various pairings of Bloom Kits and everything you’ll need for your outdoor plants, including planters and soil.

Need fertilizer, tools, and pots for your outdoor garden? Browse our Outdoor Pots and our Outdoor Tools and Supplies.

Can I customize my own Bloom Kit (i.e. select my own combination of plants)?

No. We’ve expertly selected annual combinations of annuals that are unique, hardy, and meant to grow well together. Bloom Kits are available in three different sizes with plant combinations for full sun and shade areas, so there are colorful options for everyone!

What is included in a Bloom Kit?

Each Bloom Kit includes: young annual plants (quantities and varieties vary by kit and size), detailed planting and care instructions, an initial application of slow-release fertilizer, and an easy-to-follow planting guide.

How big are the plants in a Bloom Kit?

The plants in your Bloom Kit are considered “young plants.” They come in soil plugs that are about 2 inches in diameter and the foliage ranges from approximately 4-8 inches in height. Young plants are also better suited for shipping to ensure they arrive to you in optimal condition. Being part of the process is half the fun of plant parenthood, so we chose to start you off with young plants and let you be involved in the growing process!

How do I know what type of light I have?

Use the following guidelines to determine how much sun your outdoor plants should get. Remember that a building, tree, or roof can create a shaded area even if other surrounding areas get full sun.
Once you know what kind of light you have, use our sunlight filters to display the specific Bloom Kits recommended for your garden’s sunlight levels.

Here are our recommendations for outdoor sunlight:

1. Shade (Full Shade): Six hours of full shade or three hours of morning sun before noon
2. and 3. Sun (Full Sun): Six hours of direct sunlight

What size Bloom Kit should I get for my pot?

There are hundreds of different styles, sizes, and types of pots available so it can be confusing to know what size Bloom Kit you should get for your planters.

Here is a helpful guide:
Accent Kits (single variety, six plants):
– Two 8-10 inch diameter pots or planters OR one 10-11 inch diameter hanging basket

Combination Kits, Standard size (three varieties, eight plants):
– One 11-14 inch diameter pot, planter, or hanging basket

Combination Kits, Deluxe size (three varieties, sixteen plants):
– One 15-20 inch pot, planter, or hanging basket OR
– Two 11-14 inch diameter pots, planters, or hanging baskets

Can I plant my Bloom Kit plants in the ground rather than in pots?

Sure! The plants in the Bloom Kits will grow happily in the ground as well as in pots. Follow the same basic planting and care instructions, but just make sure the flower bed is prepped (fresh soil, the soil is raked, slow-release fertilizer mixed in) before planting. So, if you have a spot in a flower bed that you’d like to fill with the plants from a Bloom Kit, go right ahead!

When should I plant my Bloom Kit?

You can plant your Bloom Kit as soon as you receive it. If you need to wait a few days before planting, be sure to open the box immediately upon arrival. Carefully remove the plants from their sleeves and be sure to keep the plant sticks with the right plants so you know which plant is which! Set the plugs in a dish of water and keep them moist until you are ready to plant.

What is my growing zone or USDA zone?

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive in a particular location. The map is based on the annual average minimum winter temperature in an area. We use this information, along with our generations of expertise, to determine when it will be safe for you to plant.

How long will it take my Bloom Kits to grow?

The Bloom Kits are actively growing when they are shipped and more growth will be evident as soon as they are planted into their final homes! You will most likely see new growth of leaves and possibly flower buds within 7-10 days. This will depend on the temperature and light levels at your home.

Are Bloom Kits pet-friendly?

Most of our outdoor Bloom Kits are not pet-friendly, however, there are some that are non-toxic to pets, including Petunias, Impatiens, Mezoo, and Sweet Potato Vine. Please keep this in mind when purchasing to protect your pet’s health.

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Product FAQs

What material are your pots made of?

Ecopots are made from up to 80% recycled plastic—mostly harvested from the ocean—and stone dust which gives it a soft, matte finish. They are extremely durable, stylish, and highlight the natural beauty of the plants.

Why plastic?

Simply put, this pot is the best option that meets our high standards for durability, the health of the plant, safety for your floor or surface, and aesthetics. We’ve spent a long time doing lots of research testing pots to come to this conclusion.

What are the sizes of your pots?

We have 5 sizes of pots, ranging from XS to XL. We also offer a variety of pot shapes, including round, bell, square, and rectangular. Dimensions for our pots are listed on each product page. To shop our collection of pots and planters, click here.

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Still have questions?

We’re here to help! Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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