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Care Made Simple

Create a Schedule

Never leave your plant hanging again! Easily set up watering reminders and fertilizing follow-ups for every plant. Track your plants’ progress as you go and become the best plant parent.

Track Your Plants

View your plant collection in one place, and create profiles for each leafy friend, with their name, adoption date, and photos you take. Log your plant care activities over time and watch your jungle thrive.

Learn New Skills

Curious how to repot your Monstera? Need to know how to trim your Money Tree? We’ve got you covered. The Library has all the plant care tips and tricks you’ll ever need. Plant Mom approved, of course!

App Features

  • Upload photos of your plants as you watch them grow
  • Create profiles for your plants with their name, picture, and the date you added them to your family
  • Set schedules and get reminders to care for your plants when they need it — no more forgetting to water!
  • Log activities with your plant family, like the last time you repotted, your daily misting, or whenever you sing to them
  • Journal away when you’re excited about a new sprouting leaf, worried about unwanted pesty guests, or mesmerized by the way the morning light hits your Fiddle Leaf Fig just right
  • See care tips for each plant and read expert advice from Bloomscape’s Grow-HowTM Team

What People Are Saying

The Vera app is so amazing and super useful. The Bloomscape team is wonderful, and I would suggest this app to anyone who has a lot of indoor plants and often forgets to water them.

Malia F.

I brought home so many plants this year, and each plant has so many different needs that I was struggling to keep them all straight. Love that I can log everything from watering to taking photos. This app helps me be a better plant parent.

Kelly D.

I literally LOVE this app. As a plant owner of 75+ plants, this app is an actual plant saver. A special thanks for all the new features, too. Nothing more rewarding than an app that hears its users’ concerns.


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