Good for Your Plants, Great for the Planet

Making Your Home a Better Place to Live, One Potted Plant at a Time

Searching for the Perfect Pot

From the moment Bloomscape launched in 2018, you told us that you wanted more pot options. So we started the process of finding the perfect pots for our plants—and for you. We looked at hundreds of pots and met with countless pot-makers, but couldn’t find a pot that met all our expectations. They had to be beautiful and timeless. They had to be durable. They had to have good drainage. And they had to highlight the natural beauty of the plants.

Meet Ecopots

When we discovered Ecopots, we knew it was a perfect match. The clean lines of their pots complemented, rather than competed with, the plants. Plus, this boutique company not only shared our Dutch heritage but also impressed us with their commitment to sustainable materials. Every single Ecopots and saucer uses up to 80% recycled plastics, much of which is harvested from the ocean. Plus, Ecopots has obtained the certification of CO2 Neutral Product, so for every CO2 Ecopots emit, they compensate, for example, by planting trees.

Customize Your Favorite Plants With Our Pots