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Why are the leaves of my Purple Passion Plant wilting?

Purple Passion Plants have distinctive purple leaves. The thick hairs that each leaf is covered with gives the entire plant a gorgeous, otherworldly purple aura. Sometimes these lovely leaves can start to wilt, which ruins the effect of the plant. Let's dive into some reason this can happen so we can get your plant back to its vibrant, violet self.

Both over and underwatering your purple passion plant can lead it to wilt. You’ll know when it needs water when 25% of the soil volume is dry. You can test the soil moisture with your finger or a wooden chopstick. If it comes up dry, it is time to water. Be sure to water evenly and slowly until water begins to drip from the drainage hole and dump any excess water.

Climate Control
These plants are pretty tough, but they still have their preferences for climate and living conditions. If pushed too far out of its comfort zone, a purple passion plant’s distinct violet leaves may begin to wilt. Provide your plant with a warm, humid spot in bright indirect light and it will be happy.


If you notice your plant is wilting, be sure to check for pests! There are some pests that can prey on the purple passion plant, such as aphids and spider mites. If not killed early on, these small pests proliferate and move all along frond parts into nooks and crannies. Quarantine and treat your plant as soon as possible if you see any signs of pests.

Need more help?

We're confident your Purple Passion Plant will be back to normal in no-time, but if you've followed the steps above and things just aren't improving you can contact us here.