Your Tradescantia Zebrina doesn’t need much water to survive. Only water when the top 50% of soil is dry. Water until water flows freely from the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. Be sure to discard any excess water that flows into the saucer, as this can lead to root rot and eventual death of your Zebrina.


It’s easy to overwater your plant when you care about it and want it to thrive. Plant Mom suggests misting your plant when your feel the urge to over-love. Your plant will love the extra humidity, and it’s almost impossible to over mist a plant.


Your watering consistency

Alternating between bone dry and wet soil from ill-timed waterings can create stress and cause your Tradescantia Zebrina to have yellow leaves. Keep a consistent watering schedule and always feel into the soil to gauge soil moisture before watering.

Need more help?

We're confident your Zebrina will be back to normal in no-time, but if you've followed the steps above and things just aren't improving, contact us here.

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