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The Easiest (And Best) Way to Buy Houseplants Online

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When you buy houseplants online from Bloomscape, they are not only conveniently delivered to your door but are shipped directly from our greenhouse. This means that your Bloomscape potted plant arrives healthy and thriving.

Most indoor plants you buy from a box store or other retailer spend 3–4 weeks getting from the greenhouse to your home. Buying houseplants online is not only easier, but it’s also better for the health of the plant. Consider this: Which plant has the best chance of thriving in your home? A stressed plant that hasn’t been properly cared for in at least a month, or a healthy, potted plant from Bloomscape that’s shipped to you straight from the plant experts at our greenhouse?

A Houseplant’s Journey Home

Follow along on a Bird of Paradise’s journey from our greenhouse to you, and learn more about how we care for your plant every step of the way.

The Bloomscape Way

When you buy a houseplant online from Bloomscape, it is shipped directly from our greenhouses. The plant is cared for by plant experts and is kept in near perfect conditions, giving it the best start for its life in its new home with you. The plant is also raised in pots that promote healthy root development, have good drainage, and allows the plant to be watered thoroughly.

Once you make your purchase, your indoor plant is carefully packaged in our innovative box that helps regulate the temperature, protects the plant from the bumps and knocks that occur during shipping, and prevents the pot from breaking.

When the plant arrives at your home, it is undamaged and healthy, and has only spent about a week in transit. In addition to the convenience, plants purchased from Bloomscape are living-room ready right out the box. They arrive potted with a saucer, meaning that once your unbox it, all you have to do is find the perfect spot for it in your home.

Bloomscape best and easiest way to buy indoor plants

The Old Way

In contrast, when you buy a plant from a box store or retailer, it probably spent 3-4 weeks (or more) getting from the greenhouse to your home. The young plants are raised in greenhouses in grower’s pots until they are big enough to be sold.

Now a little about grower’s pots. Grower’s pots were never intended to be used long-term and can cause some serious health issues for plants if they stay in them too long. Plants kept in grower’s pots are almost always root-bound, which inhibits their growth, makes it hard to water them properly, and makes them more susceptible to disease.

When they are ready, the plants (still in their grower’s pots) are boxed up and put on a truck headed to wholesalers across the country. These boxes do nothing to protect the plant from either damage from careless handling or temperature extremes. The plants are stored in wholesaler’s warehouses where they wait to be put on another truck to take them to the retail stores. They are kept in their boxes, not receiving the proper light, care, or water for a week or more.

Next, the plants are put on another truck and shipped to retail stores. At the retailers, they again do not get the proper light, are exposed to drafts from opening doors and air conditioning and are taken care of by people who are not plant-experts. There the plant sits, in its grower’s pot, after its long journey, waiting for you.

Finally, you decide to buy the plant, but you still need to purchase a pot with drainage and a saucer (good luck though, most retailers don’t sell pots with drainage holes or saucers anymore), pick out the right soil, and re-pot it before you can put it in its new spot in your home.

At Bloomscape, we’re building a real plant family. Get fully-grown, living room-ready plants, shipped from our greenhouse right to your door.