Bromeliad Guzmania Yellow


The Bromeliad Yellow provides an eye-catching and vibrant splash of color in your home. Easy to care for, this plant requires unique watering. Keep the center of the plant, known as the “vase,” halfway filled with water and water the soil infrequently. Keep in indirect light and boost humidity around your plant by using a mister and your plant will thank you by producing pups in the future.

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Details & Care


SM—7”-18” tall (including recycled plastic Ecopot) Size Guide


Easy—Relatively low maintenance


Low to Bright Indirect

Pet Friendly

Yes—Non-toxic and pet-friendly

Air Cleaner

Yes—Releases oxygen and absorbs pollutants

What's Included
  • Healthy plant pre-potted with premium soil
    • Plant size: 7”-18” tall (including pot)
  • Ecopots pot and saucer
    • Pot size: 6.3″ in diameter, 5” tall
    • Saucer size: 6″ in diameter
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care

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The Bromeliad Yellow adds a bold pop of color among a sea of green. With unusually long-lasting flowers, bromeliads are the gift that keeps on giving since they naturally grow pups that will develop their own bright flowers. This also means the mother plant will die off one day and be replaced by these pups, so don’t worry if you notice that yellow flower fading in a few months! This is natural.

Guzmania-type bromeliads hail from South America. In their native habitat, they’re epiphytic, meaning they grow on other plants like trees. They get their moisture from the rainwater that their vase catches and the water vapor in the air. Keep this center vase filled halfway with water at all times and you’ll have this tropical beauty thriving in your home.

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Botanical Name

Guzmania sp.

Common Name(s)

Guzmania Bromeliad