Plant Care Set

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Everything you need to get into a plant care routine. Includes the Mister to boost humidity, the Microfiber Dusting Gloves to keep your leaves shiny and clean, and Neem Oil to treat your plants for pests or diseases. Our Plant Care Set is sure to encourage more proactive care for your plants.

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    Add a dash of holiday cheer with our Tabletop Norfolk Pine. This graceful, festive tree comes ready to decorate for the holiday season. You can choose to purchase with silver fairy lights or keep the tree as is, either way adding a sparkle of joy to your holiday decor. Boosting humidity and placing it in a sunny spot will keep this tropical plant looking its best.


What's Included
  • Mister
  • Microfiber gloves
  • Neem oil


The Plant Care Set includes everything you need to enhance your plant care regimen. The Mister helps to boost the humidity around your tropical plants and can help prevent dry, crispy leaves. The Microfiber Dusting Gloves help clean your dusty houseplants, allowing for sunlight to be absorbed more easily for optimal plant health. Neem oil is a versatile must-have for any plant owner wanting to treat and prevent common pests and diseases.

This set is sure to help you get more involved with your plants, creating a closer connection between you and your foliage friends.


  • 1 Mister, 11.2” in height by 3.3” in width (750ml capacity)
  • 1 pair of beige Microfiber gloves (one size)
  • 1 bottle of ready to use neem oil, 32 Fl oz

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