Plant Sticks (Set of Three)


Support your plants with this sleek set of three solid brass sticks. Designed to help style, support, and corral small plants, these brass sticks are a stunning addition to your collection and make an excellent gift.

Please note: This product is not eligible for discounts and will ship separately from plant orders.

What's Included
  • Three solid brass pillars in different shapes


Add stylish structure to your indoor jungle with this trio of Plant Sticks from Fruitsuper. These solid brass* pillars come as a set of three shapes, each designed to accommodate a wide range of plant growth needs. One stick helps to corral your plants, gathering together stems to make the plant appear bushier or to encourage closer growth. Another stick helps leaning plants, adding support to the side to help prop the plant up. The third stick assists plants that want to climb such as trailing plants.

Keep your plants tall and proud, supporting them as they grow. Made in the USA. These brass sticks pair well with plants such as prayer plants, philodendrons, tradescantias, and other plants that may need some support.

*Uncoated brass will age over time getting darker and richer. To restore brass to original finish, use a polishing compound and/or cloth.

About Fruitsuper:

Fruitsuper is a Seattle-based design studio founded in 2008. The founders are Industrial Designers and have lived in Copenhagen, which impacted their approach to honest materiality and appreciation of straightforward design. They are focused on creating elevated everyday objects designed with intent and integrity, crafted for living, and always American-made. They believe in community, collaboration, finding inspiration everywhere, and the simple importance of play.


  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Height: 7”, 9”, 11”
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