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Why is my Lemon Tree not fruiting?

One of the most exciting things about Lemon Trees is the fruit. There are a few factors that go into getting your plant to bloom and produce fruit. Let’s investigate!


Lemon trees need some time to grow before they are ready to fruit. Most citrus trees won’t come into maturity for about three years. If your lemon tree isn’t fruiting, it might just need some more time!



Water your lemon tree when 50% of the soil volume has dried. Your lemon tree needs enough water to stay moist, but shouldn’t constantly be soaking. Always check the soil before watering. Water thoroughly and evenly around the pot until you see water flow out of the drainage hole. Be sure to discard any excess water after a few minutes. If you are keeping your lemon tree outdoors, remove the saucer completely to keep water from pooling around your plant. 



Lighting is one of the biggest factors to help your lemon tree bloom and fruit! These plants need at least 8+ hours of direct sunlight a day. Place your plant in an unobstructed southern or bright western window. Consider adding a grow-light to boost the light if your plant isn’t getting enough light indoors. 



Fruiting takes a lot of energy, make sure your lemon tree has gotten enough food during the growing season to help support its growth. While your lemon tree is actively growing in the spring and summer, fertilize your tree every 3-4 months. Use a citrus fertilizer or a high potassium fertilizer to help your tree grow its fruit.


Additional Tips for a successful growing season

A Bloomscape lemon tree will be ready to fruit for the first time in as little as a year after purchase! During your plant’s first fruiting season, you will need to help your plant out by pruning many of the fruit so that you are only allowing just 1 or 2 lemons to ripen during your tree’s first fruiting season. Pruning off these extra lemons early will benefit your plant for the future.  Flowering and fruiting uses a lot of energy, allowing your plant to only support a few lemons will help your plant evenly distribute its energy between fruiting and growing bigger and stronger for the next fruiting season.

Need more help?

We're confident your Lemon Tree will be back to normal in no-time, but if you've followed the steps above and things just aren't improving you can contact us here.