About E-Gift Cards

Questions about your E-Gift Card? We’ve got you covered!

Why send an E-Gift Card?

You’ll be giving them the ultimate green gift. A digitally delivered E-Gift Card is the perfect present for picky friends, last-minute celebrations, and doing your part to save the planet. Plus, it will arrive the same day — via email, of course!

Why is there a Shipping Address?

Don’t worry! Your E-Gift Card will definitely be emailed, not shipped to an actual address. These fields are in place on Checkout in the case that you are ordering both an E-Gift Card and a physical item (like a plant or pot) as well. Please feel free to put your personal billing or shipping address here, and be assured you will not receive an electronic gift card in your mail box.

When will my E-Gift Card arrive?

Your E-Gift Card will be delivered as soon as our systems can process your order, generate a unique gift card code, and send an email. You should receive an email from Bloomscape containing your E-Gift Card shortly after you complete checkout. If, however, you do not receive this email within an hour of placing your order, please reach out to our Customer Experience team here and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

Can I change the Gift Message or Email on my E-Gift Card?

Because E-Gift Cards are sent immediately after you complete checkout, we cannot make changes to your E-Gift Card Message or Recipient Email once the order is placed. An email has likely already been sent by the time you reach out! But please get in touch with our team here if you have an issue with the E-Gift Card delivery. We can help! 

Can I send E-Gift Cards to more than one person?

Unfortunately, we do not support sending E-Gift Cards to more than one email address at this time. You may choose to send your E-Gift card to yourself at the email address attached to your order and/or account, OR, you may choose to email your intended E-Gift Card recipient directly. To do this, be sure to check the box for “I’m sending this order as a gift” under the Shipping Information. There, you may add a personalized gift note and the Recipient Email. 

Can I purchase more than one E-Gift Card at once?

Yes! You can definitely purchase multiple E-Gift Cards at once. Feel free to add as many to your cart as you’d like. However, all E-Gift Cards will be delivered to the same one email address. Once you’ve received your E-Gift Cards via email, we recommend forwarding them to your lucky gift recipients to save paper, but you can always print them out too!

Please note: If you are trying to order 20 or more E-Gift Cards and would like to have them delivered to individual recipients, please contact us at [email protected]. We’ll be able to assist you in your order!

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