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Mix and Match our Pots to Suit your Space

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When designing our new pot collection, we wanted a neutral, timeless-yet-modern color scheme where each hue would be striking on its own — but would also look great paired with other colors in the collection.

Drawing inspiration from the natural wonders of our home state of Michigan, we created a collection that highlights the beauty of the plants. The refined organic palette, paired with the minimal and modern silhouette of the pots, creates an endless mix and match options. Here’s how we suggest finding your perfect plant and pot match:

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Choose your Plant:

When we set out to find the perfect pot, we wanted something that would complement, not compete with, the natural beauty of each plant. Pick your favorite plant, then toggle through each pot color to see every striking combination of the endless combos to find the best fit for your plant and your space!

Choose your Pot:

We know that purchasing a plant for your home is a commitment. You’re in it for the life of the plant, so you want a pot option that will seamlessly fit with your decor as your tastes change over time. Here’s a little more about each color and our inspiration behind the collection:

ClayAn understated, classic brown inspired by warm desert sands.
StoneA clean, cool nearly-white gray inspired by limestone.
SlateA cool, blue-gray inspired by stormy skies.
IndigoA deep, saturated blue inspired by the waters of Lake Michigan.
CharcoalA deep, dark gray inspired by wet river rocks.

Mix and Match!

This collection is meant to work together! All colors complement each other, which means your plant fam will look great in one of each color, or matchy-matchy in a uniform hue.