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Plant Life Series: A Bohemian Vintage Home in Georgia

At Bloomscape, we’re here to help you strengthen your relationship with plants—it’s all part of our mission to bring gezellig to the world. And we love seeing how real-life families live with plants in their home. In our Plant Life Series, we’ll be taking a peek inside inspiring, plant-loving homes from around the country.

Bridgette Brandon (@alwaysaugust), a newlywed living in Georgia, shares her 1930’s bohemian vintage home with us. We love her retro mid-century style, cozy accents, and vintage vibes.

Tell us a little about yourself and who you share your home with.

I just got married, so I share my house with my husband, Taylor, and super cute dog, Scout. We just moved from Texas to Georgia, for work, so we’ve got a brand new home that we’re furnishing and in the process of making it feel like home.

Tell us about your home.

Our home was built in the 1930’s and has all the original hardwood floors, doors, windows, and all the beautiful character that old homes have. I’m honestly obsessed with it. Plus the front door is read, it’s a dream.

bohemian vintage home in Georgia

How would you describe your style?

I’d say my style is bohemian mixed with a good bit of retro mid-century modern. I love anything reminiscent of the 1960’s & 70’s.

What inspires you and how does your home reflect that?

Music and travel, and comfort really inspire me. I want my home to feel welcoming, loving, and peaceful the moment you walk in. I’ve always got essential oils diffusing and lots of plants so the air is clean. I don’t think a home is complete without that.

bohemian vintage home in Georgia

Tell us about your favorite room.

I think my favorite room is our living room. That’s where everything happens. My husband is an amazing photographer and we’ve got his work on the walls; it just transports you all over the world. Plus, out has lots of natural light, which is amazing!

bohemian vintage home

How many houseplants do you have?

Right now, we only have 5 but are expecting to get a few more. In the move, because we borrowed a friends pickup truck to drive everything halfway across the country, we had to leave lots of our furniture and wonderful little plant friends with family and friends, who kindly adopted them for us. I’m excited to get more, I miss my cute little plants!

Why do you like having plants in your home?

I love having plants because they help clean the air, which is so important, and they’re beautiful. They’re each so unique and they add a layer of decorative ease that only a plant can do.

bohemian vintage home in Georgia

What’s your favorite plant and why?

It’s a little fuzzy succulent called the Panda Plant, or “Kalanchoe tomentosa,” but I name my plants, and mine is named Francis. He’s my favorite.

What tips do you have for decorating with plants?

Don’t just buy a plant because it’s beautiful, really care for it. The growth process of a plant is one of the most beautiful things. Choose plants with the purpose of caring for it so it can make your home more lovely. Put that bad boy in the small focal point in the corner of your room, and honestly, you can never have enough plants.