How to care for your Dracaena

While all plants in the Dracaena family have roughly the same care, there are some unique things you should know about each individual species. These will help you better understand your plant and build a relationship with it.

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What's a Dracaena?

Botanical Classification: Asparagaceae Dracaena


Dracaena plants vary in size, shape, and color, but all share a main characteristic–their long leaves grow outward and up from a central stalk, or cane. The canes are sturdy, lending an unexpected architectural element to the whimsical foliage.

As a Dracaena grows, it maintains its upright appearance making it perfect for blank walls, spots behind furniture or narrow corners.

Dracaenas are easy, low-maintenance indoor plants that will thrive and adapt in almost any environment.

Fun fact

NASA lists Dracaena varieties as excellent plants for removing harmful toxins from the air.

Pictured Left: Dracaena Colorama
plant mom
If you notice yellow or falling leaves on your Dracaena, this could be due to overwatering. Be sure to discard any excess water that flows into the saucer when watering.
- Plant Mom

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