How to care for your Schefflera Amate

Use these instructions to care for a Schefflera. this guide will tell you how to water your Schefflera, its light, temperature, and humidity preferences; and any additional care your plant might need to help it grow.

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Your Schefflera Amate prefers bright indirect light, but can tolerate lower light conditions as well. Rotate your plant around once a month–as it grows it leans towards the light. This will keep it looking full and even.

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Water your Schefflera Amate thoroughly when the soil is about 75% dry. This is a very hardy plant and doesn’t mind if you miss a watering occasionally. 

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Your Schefflera Amate will do great in average household humidity, but will benefit from any added humidity you can give it. Boost humidity by misting often, placing a humidifier nearby, or using a pebble tray.

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Your Schefflera Amate prefers temperatures between 60-80 degrees. Avoid temperatures below 50 degrees, as this could shock the plant and lead to leaf damage. 

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Feed your Schefflera Amate once a month during spring and summer with a general houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength. 

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This plant is toxic to humans and pets. If the leaves are cut open, the sap inside can cause minor skin irritation. Wear gloves when pruning or repotting your plant to be safe. If ingested, it can cause mouth and digestive irritation. 

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If you want to keep your Schefflera Amate small in size or a specific shape, feel free to prune it at any time. Use a clean pair of pruning shears and wear gloves. Be sure not to trim more than 30% of the plant–any more may shock your Schefflera.

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What's a Schefflera Amate?

Botanical Classification:


Schefflera is a lively and lush houseplant that features leaves that form a pattern that looks like an umbrella. This gives it its common name ‘Umbrella Tree’ and makes it a fun addition to any home. It makes for a great houseplant as it is very tolerant of indoor conditions. 

Schefflera is native to Australia, as well as New Guinea. It loves bright indirect light and higher humidity but will do well in almost any environment. It can grow 6 feet tall indoors given the right conditions. 

Pictured Left: Schefflera Amate
plant mom
Don’t be alarmed if your Schefflera drops a few leaves upon arriving at your home. Your plant is simply adjusting to its new environment and will be acclimated in no time!
- Plant Mom

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