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Grow-How™ Tips: Croton Care

Plant Mom Tips: Croton Care

We’ve put together some Croton care tips that will help you keep your plant baby happy, lush, and green. So don’t be nervous about keeping your Croton healthy and thriving, the Grow-How™ Team is here to help!

Tip 1: Just the right amount of water

Normally, when a plant’s leaves are wilting this means it needs more water with Crotons, however, it’s usually the opposite. If you notice the leaves of your plant beginning to wilt, you are probably watering too much. If the bottom leaves of the plant dry out and fall off, you are not watering enough.

Tip 2: Humidity is key

Plants like your Croton prefer more sun, but the leaves that have been inside so long can get burned. Just like a person’s eyes take time to adjust after walking outside into the bright sunshine, your Croton’s leaves can’t adjust fast enough. If you plan to take it outside or put it in a very bright window, give it full sun in little doses until it acclimates to the rays.

Tip 3: Give it a “bath”

Dust the leathery leaves regularly to keep them clean so the pores can function properly and your Croton can “breathe” properly.  Wipe the leaves with a soft cloth moistened in lukewarm water to clean them.

Tip 4: Don’t give up hope

Here’s the best news: Crotons are tough. Even if your Croton is brown and leafless, it doesn’t mean that your lovely plant is gone forever. Gently scratch the main stem, if the tissue underneath is still green your plant is alive and may recover. Continue to care for your plant’s watering and environmental needs. In several weeks, it’s quite likely that your patience and care will be rewarded with the first of new, bright leaves.

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