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Grow-How™ Tips: Pilea Care

Plant Mom Tips: Pilea Care

We’ve put together some Pilea care tips that will help you keep your plant baby happy, lush, and green. So don’t be nervous about keeping your Pilea healthy and thriving, the Grow-How™ Team is here to help!

Tip 1: Water thoroughly

Your Pilea appreciates a complete and thorough soak when it’s watered. What matters is how often you’re doing the soaking, not how saturated the potting mix gets. Here’s how you do it: fill a shallow container with 1-2 inches of water. It should be large enough for your pot to fit in comfortably—a sink works great! Make sure your pot has a drainage hole and no pebbles at the bottom so the water can actually get to the potting mix. Allow the plant to sit in the water until the top of the potting mix is moist. This means the mix has wicked up exactly the amount it needs to be fully saturated. It can take a little while if the potting mix has totally dried out, so be patient! Remove it from the water and then allow it to drain before returning to your Pilea to its normal spot! Make sure not standing water in the saucer. Easy breezy!

Tip 2: Then allow it to dry

Your Pilea needs to be treated much like a succulent—they’re actually scientifically classified as succulents, so that makes sense! They thrive when their potting mix dries out completely between waterings. So if you’re having trouble with your little bundle of green, start by letting it dry out before watering again!

Tip 3: Turn, turn, turn

Because Pileas love that sun so much, they tend to reach for it. It’s fun to watch, but assuming you want it to stay nice and balanced, you’ll want to turn it every week.

Tip 4: Propagate and share

A happy plant will eventually send plantlets up through the soil, which you can separate from the mother plant. Follow the stem about an inch under the soil, and use a clean, sharp knife to cut the baby plant free. Plant in a new pot and keep the soil moist until the plant is well-anchored and begins to produce new leaves. New plantlets also grow straight from the stem, and you can cut these free, place in water until roots develop in a week or two, and then follow the same directions as above.

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