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Plant Mom Pro Tips: How to Fertilize Your Plants

how to fertilize your indoor plant

Fertilize your indoor plants in the spring and summer to promote growth and to give your plant a little boost. It is best to fertilize during this time when your plant is in its natural growth phase. Follow Plant Mom’s step-by-step guide to walk you through how to fertilize your indoor plants!

step 1

Trim and remove dead or dying leaves from your plant with sharp scissors or pruning shears, wiping with rubbing alcohol between each snip. This will help the plant send energy to the healthiest leaves, as yellow and brown crispy leaves will not turn green again. Gently remove fallen leaves from the soil to ensure even distribution of the fertilizing liquid.

step 2

Never apply fertilizer to dry soil. It’s important that the soil is evenly moist before adding the fertilizing liquid. Water until water drips from the pot into the saucer. Be sure to discard any water left in the saucer after the pot is done dripping.

step 3

Dilute your fertilizing liquid with water to half strength, or as directed on the bottle. Over-fertilizing can lead to shock.

step 4

Carefully and evenly pour the fertilizing liquid over the top of the soil, until water begins to drip from the drainage hole.

Plant Mom Pro Tip:

If it feels like the soil of your plant is extremely or completely dried out, your plant may benefit from the bottom or soak-watering method.

To soak water your plant, fill a sink with 2”-4” of water, depending on the size of your plant. Set the plant in the water without the saucer to allow it to soak up water from the bottom drainage hole. Let the plan sit 30-45 minutes, or until you see the top of the soil getting a bit moist. After the time is up, drain the sink and allow the plant to sit. It should feel much heavier after soaking up some water. Finally, place the plant back on the saucer, making sure there is no standing water.

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