Time Release ClassiCote Fertilizer


This nutrient-rich fertilizer works wonders on both indoor and outdoor plants. Releasing nutrients slowly over 4 months, Jack’s ClassiCote Fertilizer is the ideal selection for forgetful plant parents and plants that resent being over-fertilized.


With controlled release nutrients including phosphorus and magnesium, Jack’s ClassiCote Fertilizer with Crystal Green’s® crystalline compounds provides continuous nutrition for over four months, supporting stronger roots and vital green growth.

Using a time-release formula, plants can feed on key nutrients in small increments, giving them more time for absorption instead of washing away during watering. Jack’s Classicote Fertilizer is great for outdoor potted plants, flowering plants, and is a beneficial addition to your potting soil when repotting.

For best results, mix thoroughly into the soil during repotting or work fertilizer evenly into the top inch of soil, following label instructions.

  • 4″ in Pots: Add 1–1.5 teaspoons to soil
  • 6-8″ in Pots: Add 2 teaspoons to soil
  • 10-14″ in Pots: Add 1–1.5 tablespoons to soil
  • 15″ in Pots: Add 2 tablespoons to soil

About Jack’s:

Jack’s Classic is a line of products made by JR Peters, Inc. Founded in 1997 but with horticultural work dating back to 1947, this company has been designing, formulating, and manufacturing the best water-soluble fertilizers in the industry for over 70 years. Stemming from family roots and generational horticultural knowledge, Jack’s now offers hundreds of formulations to fit all nutritional needs including technologies for greenhouse, nursery, turf, specialty agriculture, lawn and garden, and liquid/dry nutrient charges.


  • Resealable 2 lb tub


Please note: This product is not eligible for discounts and will ship separately from plant orders.

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